Water Heaters And Filters

Digital Water Heaters

The first storage water heater in Singapore that comes with a digital touch screen control panel.

Micro Heat Pump

Heat pumps water heaters are more energy saving than gas, electric and solar water heaters.

Electric Water Heaters

In Singapore, most heaters last 3 to 5 years. A. O. Smith heaters are renowned to last over 10 years.

Home Pre Filter

Prevent sand and sediments from entering your tank and prolong the life of your water heater.

How can AOS heaters help you save time and money?

Speed heating saves you time

Other heaters have you waiting for 15 minutes. Our heaters give you hot water in 2 minutes.

Triple your hot water without waiting

Perfect for the morning peak rush hour. You don’t have to get up extra early ever again.

Extract free heat from the air

The latest renewable energy technology uses our hot climate to save you money.

Tell us more.

Speak to a friendly water heater specialist and tell us about your dream shower.

Select your heater.

From your needs, we propose the best options for you. Take your pick.

Place order

Reserve your heater after you’ve finalized your choice.

Fixing the heater

Installation is a breeze. Just pick a date or link us up with your designer.

Relax and unwind

Recharge in the comfort of your home with the 5 star shower of your dreams.


What’s the right heater for you?

Generation 1

The most economical option. Durable, mechanical, no frills.


Blue Diamond Tank technology. Lifespan of entire heater >10 years

Blue Diamond Element technology. Maintains high hot water temperature > 10 years.

Thermos Insulation 2-inches, keeps water hot for 12 hours.

Generation 6

Get 2x more hot water than a Gen 1 heater in minutes.

All in Gen 1, plus

Temperature Control digital panel

Speed Heating – 2 minutes

Hot Water Multiplier. Double your hot water volume.

Thermos Insulation keeps water hot for 18 hours.

Generation 8

Get 3x more hot water than a Gen 1 heater within seconds

All in Gen 6, plus

Speed Heating – 5 seconds

Hot Water Multiplier - Triple your hot water volume.

Water cleanliness prompt (IMM)

Thermos Insulation 3-inches, keeps water hot for 24 hours.

Heat Pump

Renewable energy heater, more efficient than solar.

All in Gen 6, plus

Heat Pump Technology Absorbs free air heat, converts it to hot water

Saves 80% energy

Microchannel Technology for high efficiency heat transfer.

Thermos Insulation keeps water hot for 24 hours.

Testimonials and Reviews

“I use the built-in timer instead of waking up at 5am for my daughter.”

Mrs. Ong, mother of two

“The heat pump is placed close to the aircon compressor so its efficiency can be boosted by 20%.”

Mr. Chan, engineer

“My friends come over often and all I need to do is change the mode of the heater. We never run out.”

J & M Lee, young couple

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