Best Selling Water Heaters

Digital Water Heaters

Comes with touch screen control panel which gives you real time feedback on how much hot water you have. Adjust thermostat to save up to 40% of energy.

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Micro Heat Pump

Heat pumps are more energy saving than gas, electric and solar water heaters. They consistently save up to 80% of energy by absorbing free heat from the air.

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Electric Water Heaters

The reliable and affordable choice with exceptionally high durability. A.O. Smith water heaters are renowned to last over 10 years with no problems.

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Central Heat Pump

These heat pumps are centralized systems suitable for large apartments or landed properties. They operate at 85% efficiency for greater savings.

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AOS Bath Electric Storage Water Heaters Singapore

Welcome to the website of Singapore’s leading brand of electric storage water heaters. AOS Bath is the sole distributor of A.O. Smith water heaters in Singapore.  A.O. Smith is the No.1 Water Heater Brand in America with over 70 years of experience in water heating technology.

Highly efficient, no other brand of water heaters in Singapore comes close to matching the level of innovation that A.O. Smith water heaters can offer. Whether you are in the market for Electric Storage Heater, Digital Heaters, Solar Water Heaters or Heat Pumps,you can be sure that we have a quality product waiting for you.

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Choosing A Water Heater in Singapore

There are lots of different brands of Water Heaters in Singapore but AOS Bath wants to help you make an easier and more informed purchasing decision when it comes to getting a water heater for your HDB flat or landed property. Blue Diamond Tanks and 24K Gold Heating Element are just some of the proprietary innovations that sets A.O. Smith Water heaters a part from the rest in Singapore.

At AOS Bath, we offer one of the longest warranty periods in the market of 3 years as compared to our competition. This is to show that we have full confidence in the quality of our water heaters.

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