3 Best Water Heaters in Singapore for Problem Solving

Problem 1: Not enough hot water!

Affects: Most HDB users

The space in our BTO or HDB bathroom is limited so the most common water heater size is the 40 liter electric water heater. The biggest problem is that each heater only delivers a fixed amount of hot water.

Electric 40 lit water heater – 8 minutes shower time

Split this between 3 to 4 showers and many will find themselves with only 2 to 3 minutes of hot water. This is simply not enough for some! Most resort to waiting in between showers to ensure they have ‘sufficient’ hot water during their baths. This is a waste of time especially during morning rush hour.

The best water heater solution:

Digital water heaters

For the same tank size, digital heaters can produce two times the amount of hot water. This solves your space problem and gives you more time for that relaxing hot shower.

Digital 40 lit water heater – 16 minutes shower time

For this reason, digital heaters are the best water heater solution for most families who live in BTO or HDB in Singapore.

Problem 2: Heater lifespan is so short.. only 5 years!

Affects: Condominium or landed with heaters in false ceilings

Anyone who lives at private property will know that the biggest hassle is when you have a leaking water heater in your false ceiling. You need to fix your problem fast or risk ceiling damage, it is difficult and expensive to get an appointment with a ceiling specialist and you will be asked a million questions about a heater you cannot see.

If your heater is a short lifespan heater, be prepared to repeat this ordeal every 5 years.

The best water heater solution:

Blue Diamond Tank heaters

What can they do? Blue Diamond tanks cost slightly more than the average water heater, but in Singapore we have seen some that lasted 25 years.

You can find Blue Diamond tanks from other brands too, but they will cost slightly more. Between paying an extra $80 for a good tank versus a $250 ceiling work cost every 5 years, I would go for the good tank. Choosing between a 5 year lifespan versus a 25 year lifespan is an easy decision.

Problem 3: Water heating bills are so high!

Affects: High usage families (4 and above)

When a single user uses a 3000 watt water heater, chances are you don’t really feel the pinch, but try multiplying that by 6 users!

The best water heater solution:

Heat Pump Water Heaters

What can they do? Heat pumps drop the wattage from 3000 watts to 210 watts.

If you have a large family, investing in a renewable energy water heater will save you so much money in the long run. Expect full cost recovery in a span of 2 to 3 years. Your heat pump will last you over 10 years.

In conclusion…

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