A. O. Smith Home Pre-filter

A. O. Smith Home Pre-filter


Pre filters are your first line of defense against impurities that come into your homes.

A.-O.-Smith Home-Pre-filter

Where do impurities in water come from?

Singapore holds one of the highest standards of clean water, but that does not mean the water that flows into our homes are completely free from sediments.

Water tanks and external piping

Over time, dust and sand particles have a way of settling into every nook and cranny, including water tanks above HDB flats and external water piping.

Live in a landed house?

Landed houses are not exempt either, especially those located close to the sea.

If you have lived in an island resort, you may have on occasion, noticed fine sand particles while soaking in your tub.

The solution?
Use a pre-filter.

Pre-filters are easily installed just after your water meter. Water rushes through its mesh filters and sediments are trapped in its body.

Pre-filters offer a layer of protection for your water appliance. E.g. water heaters, washing machines, faucets.


It’s easy to maintain a pre-filter. There are no service packages involved and you can easily clean the filter on your own with a twist valve.

High precision, food-grade stainless steel filter mesh

Filter mesh removes large impurities, sediments and rust effectively. Water quality sees an overall improvement and this extends the service life of domestic water heaters and other water-related appliances.

The Durability Test

The pre-filter receives the first impact of water direct from the high pressure mains, so it must be built to be extremely tough.

NSF Industry Standards

National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) standards require 100,000 impacts to qualify.

AOS Standards

Heavy duty A. O. Smith pre-filters are built to withstand at least 150,000 pressure impacts.

The Efficiency Test

Pound-force per square inch, or psi, measures the stress a pre-filter can withstand.
AOS pre-filters can withstand greater stress, for a safer, more efficient cleanse.

NSF Industry Standards

National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) standards require 300 psi stress tolerance. 

AOS Standards

Heavy duty A. O. Smith pre-filters are built to take on 360 psi stress levels.

Installation location?

Fit your pre-filter on any horizontal pipe after the water meter. The prefilter is usually installed outside the house.

Clearance from floor to the bottom of pipe must be at least 40mm.

Model APF-G1
Dimensions 158mm (L) x 205mm (W)
Rated pressure 0.15 ~ 0.7 MPa
Rated temperature 5 ~ 38°C
Inlet/outlet diameter DN20
Flow direction Straight
Operation Manual
Stainless steel filter mesh opening 100µm
Cold water flow rate 1.5m³/h
Rated total water volume 45m³