Pre Filter: A Powerful Water Cleanser

Pre filters stop sand and sediments from entering your heater tank.

Starting at $425

A.O Smith Pre Filter.

Pre Filter: Extends Heater Life

When sand gets in your water heater, it affects the tank lining. Enamel of the internal tank weakens.

Pre filters get rid of sand before they enter your heater. This extends the water heater life.

Pre Filter: Easy Maintenance

Step 1: Hold a medium sized pail beneath the filter when preparing to flush the filter. Be careful if using a small pail as water may gush out at high pressure.

Step 2: Twist a lever at the base of the filter to flush out sediments for 30 seconds. You’ll see sand collect at the bottom of the pail.

Step 3: Sediments collected in the water are not toxic. You may recycle the water. Use it to wash the floor or water the plants!

Step 4: The filter is cleared. There is no need to purchase a new filter or to engage a specialist to replace any parts.

Sand in Your Bathtub? Use a Pre Filter!

If you live close to the sea, pre filters are a must-have. While enjoying the bathtub at home, you may notice fine sand particles at the base of your tub. This happens often in Singapore and other coastal nations.

A pre-filter helps to clear out the water from sand before it enters your water heater. When your tub is filled, there will be much fewer sand particles in it.

Food Grade Stainless Steel Pre Filter Mesh

Filter mesh removes large (>100µm) impurities, sediments and rust. Shower and bath water quality improves, especially if you are living near a beach.

Sand does not enter water-related appliances, like faucets and washing machine. This extends the life of these appliances too.

Pre Filter FAQ

Where to Install The Pre Filter?

Install the filter on any horizontal pipe before the water heater. Clearance from floor to the bottom of filter should be at least 40cm for easy maintenance.

Pre-filters are also installed under the kitchen sink.

How To Flush Sediments from Pre Filter?

It is easy to flush a pre filter. There are no service packages involved and you can easily flush the filter on your own with a twist valve.

How Often Should I Flush My Pre Filter?

As the casing is clear, you may flush the filter once you see sediments collect in it. Most homeowners do this once every three months.

Tip: place pail below the filter when flushing. You may use the flushed water for washing the floor or watering plants.

Do Any Pre Filter Parts Require Replacement?

Unlike foam filters, the stainless steel filter mesh does not need to be changed. It can last several years.

Incoming water pressure flushes out sediments and clears the mesh. You may require a filter scrub every 3 years to remove stubborn particles that have lodged in the mesh.

Will a Pre Filter Affect Water Pressure?

The pre filter can be installed in HDB and landed homes without reducing the water pressure.

For buildings or large premises, a commercial pre filter with a higher rated pressure should be used.

Product Specifications

Dimensions158mm (L) x 205mm (W)435mm (L) x 186mm (W)
Rated pressure0.15 ~ 0.7 MPa0.15 ~ 1.6 MPa
Rated temperature5 ~ 38°C5 ~ 40°C
Inlet/outlet diameterDN20DN25
Flow directionStraightIndirect
Stainless steel filter mesh opening100µm90µm
Cold water flow rate25 lit/min60 lit/min
Rated total water volume45m³
Recommended time between flush2-3 months2 months