Pre Filters

The Powerful Water Cleanser You Didn't Know You Needed. Immediately STOP Sand, Sediments and Gunk From Entering Your Water Heater!

Starting at $425

A.O Smith Pre Filter.

The Pre Filter Can Dramatically Extend Your Water Heater Lifespan!!

When that dreaded sand gets into your water heater, it settles at the bottom of the heater tank and does NOT go away. 


That’s because the water outlet of the heater is a long tube that goes all the way to the top of the tank. Check out this diagram below: 

Here’s the terrible thing about sand and sediments in your heater. These impurities kickstart the corrosion of your heater tank, weakening the glass lining and causing it to crack. 

A cracked inner tank soon leads to leaks and eventually, the heater tank gives way completely. That’s when you need to get a new heater. 

That's Awful! You Didn't Know a FEW Sediments Could do so Much Damage? Wait Till I tell You How it Affects Your Showering Water..

On top of causing irreparable harm to your inner glass lining, sand and sediments causes your showering water to get discoloured over time, and best part is.. you won’t even know it! 

Our bathing water comes right out of shower heads.. and the spray of water is so fine that we aren’t EVEN going to realise if the water looks a little off. 

UGGGH. Are you counting the number of times you did THIS in the shower??? 

Hygiene Aside!! Hot Water Lovers ~~ Bet You Didn't Know How Sediments Can Affect How Much Hot Water You GET.


YESS! Sediments definitely affect the convection flow of hot water within the tank. When there is any kind of foreign matter in a usually clear tank.. You can expect a less efficient performing hot water heater. 

The smartest solution is to NEVER let sand get into your water heater in the first place. Pre filters are made for that exact purpose. 

Pre filters are your first line of defence against all that nasty incoming grimy bits.. They do an amazing job of sieving them all out making sure they never cause problems with your water!!! 

Let Me Teach You a Useful Hack: IF You Can Install the Pre Filter at Your Incoming water Pipe.. You Can Protect ALL Your Water Related Appliances

What other appliances? Your washing machine, sink taps, bath mixers, water purifiers.. They ALL can benefit from having cleaner water. 

Our taps fail when sand from incoming water gets stuck in its cartridge. Same goes for shower mixers! And your water purifier filters will last longer if a pre filter is clearing out the first wave of sediments from your drinking water. 

That’s how you can really stretch that dollar and make a pre filter work overtime to your advantage! 

The BEST Part about Pre Filters? They're SUPER Easy to Maintain.
In Fact, You Can Do it Yourself!

Step 1: Hold a medium sized pail beneath the pre filter. Be careful if using a small pail as water may gush out at high pressure.

Step 2: Twist a lever at the base of the filter to flush out sediments for 30 seconds. It’s unbelievable!! You’ll see sand collect at the bottom of the pail. 

Step 3: Sediments collected in the water are not toxic. You may recycle the water. Use it to wash the floor or water the plants!

Step 4: The filter is cleared. There is no need to purchase a new filter or to engage a specialist to replace any parts.

Let Me Tell You More About the Type of Sediments We've Seen Cleared Out.

We often get a stream of very excited feedback from homeowners who have just fitted in their new pre filters. They simply love sending over images raving about grime that has been removed. Particles they didn’t even know or believe existed before they installed the pre filter. 

Expect different sediments depending on where you stay. If you live along a coastal area or reside at Sentosa Cove.. Your sediments will look like… well, beach sand! 

In some HDB estates, users have reported sediments that look like dark, organic soil.  Yet, in other dwellings.. sediments resemble little flakes of rust. 

It’s hard to tell exactly what these particles are and where they come from, but what matters is that they’re getting CLEARED.  OUT. Right? 

Just How is This Little Pre Filter Working Its Magic, What's the Secret?

The secret of the pre filter is its food grade stainless steel filter mesh. This specialised mesh prevents sand-sized impurities – anything more than >100µm from getting into your water stream. 

Sediments, rust, soil, plaster bits from your neighbour’s renovation, and all the itty bitty YOU-NAME-ITS are wiped out and no longer your problem! 

Right there, I’ve taken a quick snap of my personal pre filter.. complete with sediments collected from my home. It Amazes me too!! I swear by this gem of a find 🙂  

A Pre Filter is One of the Simplest, Most Basic Items When it Comes to Maintenance.

Pre filters are a very fuss-free item to have around. When they’re not being flushed, they merge to become part of your pipework. That means the require ZERO care and maintenance. Treat it like part of your water pipes! 

Does it mean they last as long? YES. These babies are extremely durable. When was the last time you changed your pipes? 10 years? 15? Last renovation? Well I figure your pre filters are going to be there that long too.. 

Pre Filters Don't Affect Your Water Pressure, So You Never Have to Stress Over Getting a Low-Pressure Shower.

The pre filter can be installed in HDB and landed homes with complete peace of mind. It will not reduce the water pressure.

We’ve had one of our clients Alex happily test this for us and his review is right here. His pre filter works like a charm with no water pressure drops. 

BUT a word of caution. If the pre filter is going to service large buildings or bigger landed homes, upgrade it to a heavy duty pre filter with a higher rated pressure instead!

Take a Look at This Bigger Pre Filter Here, Which Clears Out Sediments Even More Effectively!

Bigger pre filters are great for landed homes with more than 5 baths, or buildings that are several stories high. We usually pair these large pre filters up with water heaters that are 150 litres and above, or bigger scale projects for schools and hotels. 

Large pre filters like these also have a better purifying system, and they get rid of sediments larger than 90µm. They also come with a count down meter to measure how many months the filter has not been cleared out. This allows building managers to easily keep track of flush frequency easily.  

Did I also mention, they’re weatherproof! That’s a feature that comes in real heady because it gives you flexibility of placement anywhere, be it the ground floor garden or roof top terrace. 

Here are Other Pre Filter Variations It's Good to Know About

There are special brass body pre filters, great for places where pre filters are installed with plenty of sunlight. They prevent the growth of algae. Algae is non-toxic, but the growth is going to hamper your stainless steel mesh efficacy.

There are also flexi pipe pre filters, which are so useful if you have tight pipework and need to fit the filters into tiny nooks and crannies.

As an end-user, you never have to worry about which pre filter to choose because we take care of everything. Our expert team will bring along several variations and install the one most suited to your unique location.

Pre Filter FAQ

Where to Install The Pre Filter?

Install the filter on any horizontal pipe before the water heater. Clearance from floor to the bottom of filter should be at least 40cm for easy maintenance.

Pre-filters can also be installed under the kitchen sink, just before the water heater tank, or at the incoming water that enters your house. 

It is so easy to flush a pre filter. 

What we love is that there are no service packages involved. 

You can easily flush the filter on your own as it comes with a twist valve. Simply place a pail beneath the filter and the incoming water pressure will flush all the sediments out into the pail. 

Water quality varies from area to area in Singapore, but a comfortable time to flush the filter is once every 3 months. 

If you have a clear body pre filter (only available for those installed in closed areas not exposed to sunlight), you get to see sediments collect in it. 

Once you see visible sediments, the pre filter is good for a flush! Go ahead and clear it out 🙂 

Unlike foam filters, the stainless steel filter mesh does not need to be changed. It can last several years.

Incoming water pressure flushes out sediments and clears the mesh. You may require a filter scrub every 3 years to remove stubborn particles that have lodged in the mesh.

Product Specifications

Suitable forHDB, CondoLanded
Dimensions158mm (L) x 205mm (W)435mm (L) x 186mm (W)
Rated pressure0.15 ~ 0.7 MPa0.15 ~ 1.6 MPa
Rated temperature5 ~ 38°C5 ~ 40°C
Inlet/outlet diameterDN20DN25
Flow directionStraightIndirect
Stainless steel filter mesh opening100µm90µm
Cold water flow rate25 lit/min60 lit/min
Rated total water volume45m³
Recommended time between flush2-3 months2 months