AOS Bath Water Heater Group Buy

A. O. Smith Water Heaters

10% off, 10pax to qualify

Full warranty: 3 + 1 year extension

Why does AOS Bath recommend A. O. Smith?

  • They are Specialists. Like us, they focus on just one thing and make it really good.
  • Made with AI. Artificial Intelligence factories have low human error.
  • Technology focus. Great research facilities, like the one above.

Here’s how. These heaters can:

  • Speed heat and deliver hot water in mere seconds.
  • Multiply hot water. Patented heaters can triple your hot water.
  • Cut your bills. Helping you save up to $650/year.

Unbelievable! How well does it work in Singapore?

When the hot water kicks in, it’s unadulterated bliss, especially for cold mornings in SG. Strongly recommend everyone to give this a go.

Ricardo Chang

Have been using AO Smith heat pump water heater for 9 months. No more long wait for water to heat up. I am happy I no longer burn a hole in my pocket with the high electric bills.

Kok Hon

The touch screen interface is nice to work with and the hot water supply comes in fast and constant. Also this is one (if not only) heater that comes with a 3 year warranty. The customer service quality is amazing.

Vinot Thamathram

No more long waits…and you get to save money!

How to get started?

  • Choose ONE heater from our specially curated range.
  • Every heater here has a High Durability Blue Diamond Tank.
    Expect long lifespans, the record is currently 33 years.
  • All have high water pressure, perfect for rain showers.

Group Buy Water Heater Options:

The simplest option. Durable, mechanical, no frills.

Get 2x more hot water than a Gen 1 heater in minutes.

Get 3x more hot water than a Gen 1 heater within seconds

Heat Pump Water Heater

Renewable energy heater, more efficient than solar.

Water Sediment Pre Filter

Prevent sand and sediments from entering your tank and prolong the life of your water heater.

My previous heater was also an AO Smith, and it lasted more than 15 years. Just installed the new heater today.

Fook Hou Lee

Using AOS water heater for a few months now and enjoying it. If we shower in the evening, the hot water last till next morning and we can enjoy a nice warm shower without needing to heat it up again.

Chong Cheng Ong

Water heats up really fast compared to my previous water tank heater. Touch panel also very responsive.

Andy Wong

How can I get even more out of my Group Buy?

  • Get more buyers and stack your discount.
  • Confirm interested buyers before you begin. This will give you a great head-start.
  • Have a BTO telegram group? Those have the highest rate of success. Add us: 9673 0801

How to start? It’s easy!

  1. Take a quiz and we’ll give you a water heater recommendation over WhatsApp
  2. Join Group Buy: Let us know your address. We’ll assign you to the right group.
  3. Collect Cashback: Gather at least 10 people. Then sit back and relax, we’ll credit the benefits to you soon!
Full details here:

What are you waiting for?

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What if I don't need my heater so fast?

There is no hurry. As long as you order in the 2 month group buy window, delivery can be any time within the next 6 month.

Each participant is counted by their unique address, regardless of the number of heaters they buy. For the group buy to qualify, 10 participants are required.

To be fair to all other group buy participants, the qualifying period is 2 months for all group buys. There are no extensions.

Yes. You can get a heat pump for just $250/month with an OCBC card.

Full instalment payment will be collected and your upfront cost is only $250. Any other group buy discounts you get will be credited to you within a week of the group buy end date.



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