The Longest Water Heater Warranty in Singapore

AOS believes in the durability of our water heating systems and in turn, offers users the same peace of mind.

A. O. Smith

  • 3 year full warranty includes parts and labour
  • 5 year tank warranty

Other Brands

  • 1 year full warranty includes parts and labour
  • 2 to 5 year tank warranty
Water Heater Warranties

What are full and partial warranties?

Full warranties
When users refer to a product “warranty”, they mean an all-charges-in type of warranty. These are full warranties.

Partial warranties
Partial warranties give users an impression of having a long warranty by guaranteeing only one part of the product. (e.g. 10 year warranty on heating element only)

Look out for:
Retailers that incorrectly market their partial warranties as full warranties.

Why is the tank warranty usually longer?

The Tank Warranty
The inner tank is the most important part of the water heater as once it leaks, the whole heater must be replaced. For this reason, tank warranties on the heater are usually longer.

Look out for:
10 year tank warranties – these are usually too good to be true. Often, these warranties come with extremely high labour costs which are equal to that of buying a new heater. (You may as well buy a new heater)

What are market rates for labour?

Refer to table below for average rates of labour costs for a 40 lit heater, the most installed AOS size in Singapore. This is useful to ensure you do not get overcharged by others.

This is only a general guide which does not include cost of parts (if required).

Job HDB Condo Private
Repair/service $60 $60 – 120 $60 – 120
Installation $120 – 150 $190 $150
Cut + Patch Ceiling (No painting) $150 – 200 $150 – 200