Automatic Timer (AES)

Patent US6303183

In some families, hot water usage patterns are complicated.

Set unlimited timers

The built–in timer feature allows you to set two hot water timers for two peak periods. However some large families need to use hot water more frequently and cannot be limited to just two timers. The AES feature is a fully automated timer which has unlimited peaks.

AES is a microchip which memorizes your family’s hot water patterns.

It recalibrates every seven days so you no longer need to manually set timers. Instead, the optimal amount of water is pre-heated according to your unique needs. Hot water data is stored over twenty-one days.

Activate AES at the touch of a button

You can do this from your panel or remote control. AES is available for models with higher hot water output.

Will I have hot water during the off peak hours?

Yes, hot water is kept warm in the insulated tank and there will always be sufficient hot water available on standby.

Using AES in Singapore

Due to Singapore’s warmer climate, AES has been known to restrict the heater’s heating cycle. Users who encounter hot water shortages are advised to disable the AES function.