Built in Timer

The ‘timer’ function activates your heater during peak periods and goes into energy saving mode when you’re not at home.

Does your family always forget to switch the heater off?

Fret not! The built in timer does that for you. Technology should make our lives simpler.

What are the practical applications

Waking up early to switch the heater on for your kids?

Set a morning timer for when your kids enter the shower so you get to sleep in!

Want to come home to a full tank of hot water?

Because of our humid weather, Singaporeans usually take showers twice a day. Preset your evening timer so you can unwind to a refreshing bath when you’re home.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set the timer?

It’s easy! We’ve prepared a video which will show you how to get that done. Remember to adjust the clock to our time before you set the timer. Full article here: Setting Clock and Timer.

Will I have hot water during the off peak period?

Yes you will. Hot water is kept warm in the insulated tank and as long as you have 3 red indication bars and above, there will be sufficient hot water for a shower.

What if I need more hot water during the off peak period?

Use the ‘instant’ button. ‘Instant’ is an override function that heats up sufficient water for one shower.

Heats up in 2 minutes, produces 4 times the tank volume of hot water

Built in timers in Gen 6 digital heaters save you time and money. You can get the Gen 6 at the online store without having to leave the comfort of your house today.

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