Client Reviews

Service from pre to post purchase is good

The customer service from pre-purchase to post-purchase is good and the experience transacting with AOS has been smooth and hassle-free.

Like the digital experience of online payment through website and the responsive service through WhatsApp chat.

Yan Chia

Efficient and Convenient WhatsApp Service

The installation process for my Gen6 water heater was seamless and tidy, thanks to the professionalism and expertise of your technicians, Kalam and Shamemul.

From the moment they arrived, Kalam and Shamemul exhibited a high level of professionalism. They were punctual and ask me how would I like to install. They explain how the system works and addressing any questions or concerns I had.

Before completing the installation, they took the time to test the water heater and ensure everything was functioning perfectly. They physically test the hot water, leaving no room for doubt about the system's effectiveness.

I must also commend your company's Whatsapp services prior the installation, which proved to be efficient and convenient. Whenever I had a question or needed assistance, the responses were prompt and helpful. This level of customer service truly sets your company apart.

Muhammad Hafizzudin

No hard selling and not pushy

Order placed with miss ada the arrangement is fast! All questions are professionally replied & answered. No hard selling and not pushy.

Installer: Kalam & Shamemul the reached on time. Installation works very smooth and I am advice accordingly. Very happy getting served by the whole team of aosbath

Product quality was nice & sleek however yet to test the durability. Overall it's alway highly recommended. Will intro more friends to install this storage heater & a value for money product & service keep it up guys!!!

Ah Shawn

Whole process to installation was smooth

Whole process from the ordering, to payment and finally installation was super smooth.

Installation was professionally done by Kalam & Shameful thanks guys for the quick solution on my old valve and pipings.

Lucas Joel Teo

Glad they sent a reminder to service my tank

Glad that they sent me a reminder to service my 40L tank. 2 great service guys came on time (after a phone call heads up), cleaned the tank (and video recorded the dirty water being flush out) and quickly had the Job done. Am still happy that I installed AOS Bath water tank.

5 years still good.

Wilfred Toh

Thankful for the job well done.

Proud owner of AOS heater for almost 5 years, since 2018. But did my review arrive a tad late? Absolutely nope! In fact I really don't leave much reviews until today, when I did my first tank maintenance.

Couple of months ago AOS on Facebook started showing photos of tank maintenance and I was pretty unimpressed. Being someone with a cautious approach towards online photos, it crossed my mind those are like the worst case scenarios and it's probably not worth doing maintenance at all. Fast forward until a month plus ago when I received a maintenence whatsapp message from AOS, I felt like ok it's probably time to do a maintenence since it is fast becoming apparent things start to spoil around 5 years mark.

Today, AOS staff Mahadi came by to show me what is real and what is even more real than what they show on their facebook photos of tank flush. If I could turn back time, I would have said to him "bro you should have come earlier to clean". The dirt that came out had my life flash back in front of my eyes, those joyful moments of me in shower turns out to be rather disgusting since I was kept company by these dirt (ewww). If I have to compare, maybe singapore river water is cleaner that whatever that came out during the flush.

Really thankful by the the job well done from Mahadi, in fact I had him waited for 30 mins because I thought I relayed my timing during appointment! He was there patiently waiting and smiling throughout the cleaning, explaining what was to be done and even cleaning up the entire toilet including walls!

Now i have peace knowing my tank is clean as new! Yes not to forget every 3 years of flush is important.

Just a random thought, if I could clean my aircon that I use daily every 6 months, why wouldn't I do maintenance for water tank that I use just as frequent, if not more! 💡

Lim Zhi Hao

Glad they sent a reminder. My tank is now good as new.

2023 Aug: AOS as usual provided phenomenal service and go beyond what is expected of them. They found that the drain pipe was chocked due to poor workmanship of my plumber resulting in overflow and subsequent leakage. Bee and Pankaj found the issue and resolved it, even though this is not part of their responsibility. They provided service with a smile and magnificent attitude!

Again, I can't stop recommending AOS and the Singapore team. The product is the best and the after-sale service is top notch!

2023 March: Moved to a new place, bought another AOS heat pump (of course). Minor teething issues when moving in. Technician Bee came down and found that the rubber stopper on my water valve had loosen and prevented proper hot water pressure. He sorted it out and the water is as expected from AOS. Hot with strong pressure at all my 3 bathrooms and kitchen. Service is great and efficient as always. I always recommend AOS for water heater, and will continue to do so!

2021: Great work by Kalam and Cassidy. They did a great job in servicing my heat pump and explained to me the purpose and benefits. I love the AO Smith heat pump. Have been using it for 5 years now without any issues, hot water throughout the unit anytime of the day. Low upkeep price as it uses little electricity. Highly recommend this, and you'll see ROI in less than 3 years. This heater will last you for many years with little maintenance effort.

Simon Maaland

They are always willing to explain the details and clarify all doubts.

Few years back I read an article on Straits Times on the advantages of heat pump over solar water heater. I kept it in mind and finally when I bought a landed house, I decided to engage AOS Bath to install AO Smith integrated heat pump to supply hot water to all 5 bathrooms in my house.

The entire engagement with AOS Bath has been very professional. They are always willing to explain the details and clarify all doubts. They also offer advices specific to the individual needs. For example, they advised me to opt for a circulation pump so that I do not have to wait to get hot water in the farthest bathroom. I did that and now I get hot water in 3 seconds of opening the tap in the farthest end bathroom which is also 1 floor above the heat pump location.

After I made the purchase decision, they directly worked with my renovation contractor to get the installation completed on time. When I moved into the house, they sent a technician to explain the settings in the control panel. By the way, I did not have to touch it after the initial setting. Finally, my electricity bill is low and I am happy that I am able to use renewable energy.

R Ravi