Convert: Gas to Storage Heaters

Are you planning to fix a storage heater in place of your existing gas heater? Use this 5-step guide to help you out.


1. Provide details of existing gas heater

Send a photo of your gas heater to us. Instead of just taking a close up of the heater, include also the space around it. Useful photos include, the top of aircon ledge, space available at aircon ledge, yard or balcony. This will be helpful for determining the position of your new storage heater.

Gas heaters are usually installed outdoors in case there is a gas leak. Storage heaters should be installed indoors or in a sheltered area as they are electrical appliances and are not weatherproof.

Other bits of helpful information you can provide:
– Is there a dedicated 15A switch available nearby?
– Have other neighbours done similar installations?
– Does your building management approve of the works?


2. Contact your building management for approval

Once you have confirmed a location for the new storage heater, contact MCST for approval. You may be asked to fill in an application for renovation works. HDB owners usually skip this step as their heaters are installed indoors.

HDB: The town council does not allow heaters to be fixed at the air con ledge.
Private: Most MCST will approve the changes, but it is possible to get rejected. Please seek approval before proceeding.

3. Terminate gas supply and remove gas heater (optional)

(updated May 2020)

If you are already living on the premises, it will be more convenient to shut off the gas supply from the lever. If you can find another space for the storage heater, there is no need to remove the existing gas heater.

  • Several homeowners told us that Citygas is unwilling to terminate the supply and are asking for many reasons, personal particulars and owner’s IC. This is similar to the termination of a mobile phone line.. It is not necessary to give out your life story and IC number.
  • Many homeowners also reported Citygas saying they cannot do the uninstallation and that homeowners should go and find their own uninstaller. Please do not perform an unauthorized uninstallation. It is safer to get contacts from Citygas directly. They should provide them on request.


4. Arrange to install the storage heater

If you choose to skip the termination of gas supply and removal of gas heater, you may skip step 3 in the diagram below.

For those who need to contact Citygas: Once you have a removal appointment, you may proceed to arrange for the installation of your new heater. Try to give a 2 working day buffer for any uninstallation or installations. If you plan things right, the disconnection of gas can be done in the morning and the installation of the new heater on the afternoon of the same day (2pm onwards). This will minimize hot water downtime.

5. Determine heater and panel location

(updated 23 Jan 2021)

Every ledge area is different. We will propose a location for the heater and control panel. The maximum cable length for the control panel is 2.5m. This panel will not be installed at the location of the existing gas heater panel.

Tip: Set your heater on ‘multiple’ mode so the system can run automatically. Unlike the gas heater, there is no need to adjust the panel at all.

Thats it! 

There you have it, a 5-step checklist that will hopefully give you a clearer picture of the process. If you have any other questions, or an update on the $$ table.. do reach out to us! We value all feedback and information you would like to share with the community.

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