Digital Temperature Controls

Electric water heaters are controlled by a regular switch.

Users can only power on/off their heater with a switch.

Digital water heaters have an additional touch screen panel.

Users can lower the heater thermostat to save energy.

“When we brought in the first digital heater to Singapore in 2013, everyone told us it was too advanced for Singapore. But we strongly felt that Singaporeans could appreciate technology. So we did it against all odds.”

Reduce your thermostat, save energy

Conventional electric heaters are preset in the factory at 70°C, but we recommend that users in Singapore reduce their set temperature to 50°C to save energy.

Reduce your thermostat setting to save more and raise it only when you have to cater to more people.

How much energy will I save at 50°C?

Setting your heater’s thermostat at 50°C instead of 70°C will reduce heat loss to the environment significantly. You can look to saving about 5-10% of your heating bills.

Is 50°C sufficient for my family?

50°C is sufficient for a family of 4 in Singapore. In Singapore, our incoming cold water is 30°C, unlike other countries where incoming water can go as low as 10°C. As such, we do not need such high hot water temperatures to balance out the cold water to give us a comfortable bathing temperature of 40°C.

Can I replace my heater switch with a digital control panel?

For the digital heater to be correctly installed according to safety standards in Singapore, both the heater switch and panel must be installed. The digital panel wire (green line) is separate from the power cable (orange line).