Digital Water Heaters


Saves energy and produces
hot water on demand.


The perfect solution for
small spaces and high demand.


Designed to maximize
hot water output.

Digital heating generates twice as much hot water as a regular electric water heater.


▸ Patented MAX heating

Digital timers ensure your water heater goes into energy saving mode when not in use.


▸ Built in timers

Using temperature controls, easily program your water heater to save up to 40% of energy.


▸ More on adjusting digital controls

Patented AES Energy Saver records your usage patterns and
heats water in the most energy efficient method.


▸ Automatic Timer (AES)

All A. O. Smith water heaters come with

The Latest Technology

Global research centres operate 24 hours a day.

Energy Saving Features

Providing technologically advanced, green solutions for 140 years.

Heavy Duty Components

Most A. O. Smith components are made in-house and not outsourced.

3 Year Full Warranty

Full warranties cover both parts and labour.

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