Digital Water Heaters


Saves energy and produces
hot water on demand.


The perfect solution for
small spaces and high demand.

Digital heating generates twice as much hot water as a regular electric water heater.


▸ Patented MAX heating

Digital timers ensure your water heater goes into energy saving mode when not in use.


▸ Built in timers

Using temperature controls, easily program your water heater to save up to 40% of energy.


▸ More on adjusting digital controls

Patented AES Energy Saver records your usage patterns and
heats water in the most energy efficient method.


▸ Automatic Timer (AES)

All A. O. Smith water heaters come with

The Latest Technology

Global research centres operate 24 hours a day.

Energy Saving Features

Providing technologically advanced, green solutions for 140 years.

Heavy Duty Components

Most A. O. Smith components are made in-house and not outsourced.

3 Year Full Warranty

Full warranties cover both parts and labour.

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