Solution: My Drain Pipe is Higher than the Relief Valve!

We have a great solution for false ceilings.

This solution is for those trying to install a heater in an existing space with layout constraints – in particular, a drainage pipe with a high position.

The Problem

The relief valve, which is usually connected to the water inlet (marked in blue) of the water heater cannot be fixed lower than the position of the drain pipe. This is because the overflow pipe attached to the relief valve must be connected such that water from it flows in a continuous downward angle.

Failure to ensure this downward flow connection will result in pressure build-up in the tank, and eventually a tank rupture.

The solution

This is easily solved by running the cold water pipe above the drain point location and connecting the relief valve to the raised cold pipe position. Thereafter, the overflow pipe running from the elevated relief vale can be attached in a downward facing angle to the drain pipe

This solves the layout issue of the relief valve blockage.

We have encountered this issue at many a work site and the default solution is simply to swap out a heater to accommodate the high drain pipe position. However, this leaves homeowners frustrated, with very little choice as to which type of heater they can use.

In conclusion..

Traditional installation methods are great, but thinking outside the box can really help if you are stuck in a rut. As specialists in water heating we can use our experience to create possibilities and options for you.

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