Foreign Workers: 8 Great Reasons to Join Our Team in Singapore

Looking for an exciting opportunity to work in Singapore? Our company is hiring strong and talented foreign workers.

Why work with us?

1. Training Provided

No working experience? No problem. No problem! At AOS Bath, we provide training for foreign workers and chances for you to learn and grow with us. 

If you have a certificate in construction, this will help. Here are some projects we have proudly built together.

2. A Comfortable Home

Unlike crowded dormitories where up to 20 foreign workers share a single room, we offer a comfortable and private living environment with up to 2 workers in a room. 

Your rooms are clean, well-ventilated, and designed to give you the peace and rest you deserve.

3. Generous Living Spaces

Unlike other foreign workers who have to put up with crowded common spaces, you have access to a big living room for activities, and a dining area. We believe having meals together a is great chance to get to know each other well.

We provide plenty of space for hanging clothes out to dry. You will also have cabinets and a proper place for luggage. Living in a clean space gets you in a better state of mind, which is good for work. 

4. Well-Equipped Kitchen

At AOS Bath, we understand there’s nothing like preparing your own healthy, home cooked meal. 

Enjoy the convenience of a well-sized kitchen where you can cook your favourite meals. You do not have to struggle for space in small shared kitchens.

5. Convenient Location

Unlike other foreign worker dormitories which can be up to 3 hours away from town and accessed only by private shuttles, our housing is conveniently located.

You are only 10 minutes away from the office and have access to public transportation and various amenities. You can easily cycle to work and getting to town is easy. 

6. Safe Transportation

Your safety matters to us. If you’re not cycling to work, you’ll travel in a covered company van as either a driver or passenger. You will be safe on the roads.

Photo credits: Channel News Asia

7. Inclusive Team

Our AOS Bath team has many different cultures and religions living and working in peace and unity. 

Come in with a positive outlook and you’ll feel right at home with our welcoming team.  

8. Respect and Dignity

At AOS Bath, every one is treated with respect and dignity.

Our core values are integrity, empathy, and good work ethic. We expect this from each team member. 

What you need

  • Kind
  • Honest
  • Hardworking
  • Good english 

How to apply

To apply, send us a WhatsApp to 87682661 with: 

1. Your passport details
2. Why you want to work with us.

We look forward to hearing from you.