Heat Pump and Solar Water Heaters

Micro Heat Pump

Size: 60 to 80 litres

Suitable for: HDB, apartments, condominiums

Supports: up to 3 baths

Operating efficiency: 75%

Powered by: electricity + air heat

Central Heat Pump

Size: 150 to 180 litres

Suitable for: large condos and landed homes

Supports: up to 6 baths

Operating efficiency: 80%

Powered by: electricity + air heat

Light Comm HP

Size: 300 to 450 litres

Suitable for: penthouses, landed homes, GCB

Supports: up to 8 baths

Operating efficiency: 80%

Powered by: electricity + air heat

Solar Water Heater

Size: 300 to 450 litres

Suitable for: landed homes with pitched roof

Supports: up to 5 baths

Operating efficiency: 50%

Powered by: electricity + sun heat

AOS Bath Recommends Renewable Energy Water Heaters

Are you considering a heating solution for your home or project in Singapore? At AOS Bath, we recommend going green with heat pumps or solar heaters.

These innovative renewable energy systems offer a range of benefits that make them an excellent choice for homeowners.

AOS Top Pick: Heat Pump Water Heaters

Heat Pumps are designed to be incredibly energy-efficient. They work like air conditioners in reverse, using only 25% energy to give you a full tank of hot water. 

A Heat Pump will reduce your heating bills by 80%

Heat pumps transfer heat from the outside air to your heater, providing hot water at a fraction of the running cost of an electric heater.

The Big Secret:

Heat pumps work better in Asia.
Much better than solar water heaters.

Solar water heaters also use renewable energy. 

While heat pumps use air heat to create hot water, solar heaters use the sun’s heat to heat their tanks.

But solar operates at only 50% efficiency because of Singapore’s heavy cloud cover.

In Singapore, Heat Pumps Have No Downtime.

They work when it is cloudy.

They work when it is hazy.

They work when it rains.

Heat pumps have a high efficiency of 80%

We specialise in large solar heater conversion to heat pumps.

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What cost savings can I expect?

Normal gas or electric heaters account for about 20% of the total electricity consumption in a home. They are real energy guzzlers!  

Reduce your reliance on traditional electric and gas water heaters. Heat pumps give you great cost savings on your energy bills over time.

How much can heat pumps save?

HDBs save $600/year
Landed homes save $800+/year

With heat pumps, your heater bill can be brought down as low as $250 a year. You’ll enjoy a comfortable home without breaking the bank.

Because they are three times as efficient as electric heaters, you will save about three times more! 

Cost savings aside, you’ll be tons more eco-friendly

Make the leap to using renewable energy sources like the air and sunlight with heat pumps and solar heaters. Do your part for Mother Earth by choosing to make a sustainable choice and reducing your carbon footprint.

Are Heat Pumps Right for You?

Find out if we recommend heat pumps for your family.

We have helped several discerning businesses to achieve their desired hot water results with heat pumps.

Switch to Heat Pumps for Great Cost-Savings!

Some businesses we have worked with:

Watch Our Interview with Channel News Asia

We’re working hand in hand with government bodies like National Environment Agency (NEA) to promote a cleaner, greener Singapore. The 2030 Green Plan aims to create sustainable towns and districts. Check out how and why heat pumps are making such waves!

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Renewable Energy Water Heater FAQ

Electric water heaters: 3000W
Micro heat pumps: 210W
Central heat pumps: 460W

Heat pumps draw in plenty of free energy from heat in the ambient air. Micro heat pumps alone can save an estimated $600/year.

If you use your water heater every day, there should always be some balance hot water in the tank so you can access the hot water without waiting.

You only have to wait a little longer for first-time heating:  

  • 150 lit electric heater: 1.3 hours
  • 150 lit heat pump: 2 hours
  • 150 lit solar: 5 hours

Compared to solar heaters which have a heating efficiency of 50%, heat pumps operate at a higher efficiency of 80%. In Singapore’s unique climate, heat pumps are more popular because of their higher efficiency levels. 

Heat pumps are not sold on the online store as homeowners need some guidance before the purchase. Do reach us via webchat or WhatsApp at 87682661.

Yes. Micro heat pumps easily fit into all apartments and this includes HDB units. 

Popular installation locations are in the bathroom or at the service yard where the heat pumps can draw in plenty of free air heat.