Heat Pump Water Heaters


The smallest heat pump, suitable for apartments.


The latest integrated heat pump, for 4 to 6 baths.

Light Commercial

The largest capacity heat pump, for 7 to 10 baths.

Heat Pump Technology reduces water heating costs by over 75%.

This is because water heating is done through an innovative design that draws ambient heat from warm air into the water heater.

What are heat pumps?

Heat pumps are up and running all the time.

They work when it is cloudy.
They work when it is hazy.
They work when it rains.

Heat pumps work like air conditioners in reverse.

They move heat from one place to another.

An energy-efficient water heater can help you save, because

transferring heat from the surrounding air to your heater tank is far less expensive than generating heat directly.

All A. O. Smith water heaters come with

The Latest Technology

Global research centres operate 24 hours a day.

Energy Saving Features

Providing technologically advanced, green solutions for 140 years.

Heavy Duty Components

Most A. O. Smith components are made in-house and not outsourced.

3 Year Full Warranty

Full warranties cover both parts and labour.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Heat Pump Water Heaters

Electric water heaters: 3000W
Micro heat pumps: 210W
Central heat pumps: 460W

Heat pumps draw in plenty of free energy from heat in the ambient air. Micro heat pumps alone can save an estimated $600/year.

If you use your water heater every day, there should always be some balance hot water in the tank so you can access the hot water without waiting.

You only have to wait a little longer for first-time heating:

  • 150 lit electric heater: 1.5 hours
  • 150 lit heat pump: 6 hours
  • 150 lit solar: 10 hours

Compared to solar heaters which have a heating efficiency of 50%, heat pumps operate at a higher efficiency of 80%. In Singapore’s unique climate, heat pumps are more popular because of their higher efficiency levels.

Heat pumps are not sold on the online store as homeowners need some guidance before the purchase. Do reach us via webchat or WhatsApp at 87682661.

Yes. Micro heat pumps easily fit into all apartments and this includes HDB units.

Popular installation locations are in the bathroom or at the service yard where the heat pumps can draw in plenty of free air heat.