Heat Pumps in Singapore

Heat Pumps: An Excellent, Energy Efficient Option

Hot Weather good for heat pumps AOSBath Singapore

A tropical country, ambient temperatures in Singapore are always high. Heat pumps operate from 7°C to 45°C. This means they operate at high efficency in Singapore, 24 hours.

AOS Bath is bringing heat pumps to Singapore, a green technology suitable for both commercial & residential applications. Heat pumps are more efficient than the conventional water heating options available to the Singaporean market, namely solar, electric or gas water heaters.

Water heaters are the second highest source of energy usage in a Singaporean home, and for the average homeowner energy means money. Going with an energy efficient heater can help you save money. Heat pumps work by using electricity to move heat from the surrounding air into your water heater. Like air conditioners in reverse, heat is pulled into the storage tank with the help of a compressor. Changing your heater to a heat pump will help you save more money in the long run because moving heat is more energy efficient than creating heat.

Heat Pump Running Cost AOSBath Singapore

As Singapore is a tropical country located near the equator, our ambient temperature levels are consistently high. As a result, heat pumps operate at extremely high efficiencies and can save an average household at least $600 a year. For customers who want to save money on their utility bills, heat pumps are an excellent energy efficient option. A typical family of four using heat pumps starts to reap returns around 3 years of operation making heat pumps an affordable option compared to conventional electric water heaters.

Heat Pump AOSBath Singapore

The image above shows a heat pump installed in Singapore. Smaller heat pumps can be installed in residential units and apartments.


A.O. Smith manufactures one of the smallest heat pumps in the world which can be concealed in false ceilings.
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Please check out A.O. Smith’s range of heat pump that are available here in Singapore.
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