A. O. Smith Hot Water Dispenser

Hot Water Dispenser

Multi-temperature filtered hot drinking water, dispensed at the touch of a button.

*paired with an AOS RO water filter

Get water instantly at the temperature you want

Dispense room temperature to hot water without waiting, from a conveniently placed faucet.

System may be set to produce up to 100ºC of real boiling water from pure Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtered water.

Patented Dual Control Faucet

Patent ZL201720741270.3

Outlet water temperature is precisely the same as the reflected temperature on the faucet panel.

Push up to release a continuous stream of water or press down to fill a smaller amount, such as a glass.

Preset and dispense hot water immediately

3 presets for filtered hot water

98ºC Red tea or coffee

90ºC Floral or green teas

60ºC Honey lemon warm water

Zero dry heating

The AOS patented refill sensor maintains the system’s integrity by ensuring consistent water replenishment according to your needs.

Overnight water?

If you don’t like drinking water which has been left overnight, simply clear your tank for fresh water each morning with the touch of a button.

Dual filter replacement indicator

Light indicator at both hot water faucet and water purifier changes colour to reflect life of the filter, giving you ample time to arrange for filter replacements.

White – Normal
Orange – 5% life
Red – 0% life

What is RO?

AOS HQ security atcivation Yes No No
Cartridge expiry alert Yes No No
Volume usage monitor Yes No No
Basic Features
Filtration precision (nm) Reverse Osmosis 0.0001 Nano filtration 0.001 Nano filtration 0.001
Max temp (ºC) 98 85 85
Min temp (ºC) 30 5 5
Waiting time Only 1st heat 3 seconds 3 seconds
Hot water output (ºC) 98 or 90 or 60 85 & 70 & 50 85 & 70 & 50
Price $3540 $2980 $1380
Alkaline water No Optional Optional
Wattage 950W + 107W 2800W 2800W
Flow rate 1.8 lit/min 0.5 lit/min 0.5 lit/min
Replacement cartridge $280/set $250/set $220/set
Frequency of change 1 year 1 year 1 year
Max yearly capacity 6500 lit 3000 lit 3000 lit

Brand Comparisons

Due to the overwhelming number of filters and dispenser choices in Singapore, we started creating easy, table comparisons by popular demand. Will a comparison done with another brand help you make a better decision? We are glad to help. Send us a WhatsApp text “Hi AOS, can you compare the AOS hot water dispenser or MAX4 with ____(insert the weblink of comparison model)___ please?” When we get your message, we will study the specs and create a similar table for you.

How to use the hot water dispenser?

Quick notes on filter change

Filter Change
  • After changing filter 1, 2 or 3, let water run from the filter tap for 15 min.
  • Do not let filter tap run over 20 min or this will cause ‘leak protection’ to be activated and system will shut down.


under-sink installation

Model HWT3
Voltage/frequency (V/Hz) 220~/50
Power (W) 950
Volume (L) 2.5
Heating speed (L/h), <90ºC 7
Incoming water temp (ºC) 5 – 38
Weight (kg) 6.0