High Density Insulation

Thick, good insulation around a water heater

Water heaters are insulated

Water heaters have two functions
1. heat water
2. keep heated water warm

The heater tank is lined with a layer of insulation and designed to retain heat like a thermos flask.

How long can a tank retain heat?

This depends on many factors. Your heater location, usage and climate play a part. Generally, owners in Singapore expect a 4ºC drop over 8 hours.

AOS, extra thick, high density insulation

Insulation is energy saving

Well insulated water heaters keep water in the tank hot for a long time.

When water does not constantly have to be reheated, your electric costs will be lower.

Other insulation vs. A. O. Smith high density insulation

A. O. Smith insulation is much thicker than that of other water heaters. In contrast, this is the actual tank cut-out of another brand in Singapore.

Poor insulation reduces efficiency of the heater, and this means higher running costs.

Actual insulation of another brand sold in Singapore

Pro Tip

A 70°C tank loses more heat to the environment than a 50°C tank. If possible, lower your tank thermostat to 50°C to reduce heat loss.