A. O. Smith Integrated Heat Pump Water Heater

The latest integrated heat pump technology. Highest efficiency in its category.

From $4400

Heat Pump Technology

Heat pumps work like air conditioners in reverse, saving you over 75% of energy by absorbing ambient warm air.


Leading American Technology

A. O. Smith has been refining water heating technology for the last 140 years. Every A. O. Smith heater is equipped with cutting edge, patented technology. Other heaters may look like A. O. Smith heaters but they do not work the same way.

Highest Efficiency Heat Pumps

A. O. Smith has been refining water heating technology for the last 140 years. Every A. O. Smith heater is equipped aEnergy Factor (EF) is a measure of overall efficiency. A. O. Smith technology has been refined to produce the highest efficiency heat pumps in the market.with cutting edge, patented technology. Other heaters may look like A. O. Smith heaters but they do not work the same way.

Built to Last

A. O. Smith’s patented Blue Diamond formula makes its water heater tanks the toughest and most durable tanks in the market.

The longest lasting heater in the world was made by A. O. Smith.

No OEM Factories

Other manufacturers use OEM factories so they can give you cheaper products, but every A. O. Smith water heater and its components are manufactured in-house.

3 Year Full Warranty

Other heaters only provide full warranties for one year. All A. O. Smith products are fully guaranteed for 3 years – parts and labor, making us the longest water heater warranty provider in Singapore.


Older heat pumps are designed with separate compressors. The central heat pump is an integrated system.

Integrated systems are perfect for your home because installation is a breeze and maintenance is simplified.


Using Earth’s renewable energy

Heat pumps are water heaters which absorb free ambient air to heat up water, saving up to 80% of energy or around $900 a year. Working range: 7 to 45°C.

Individual vs. Central Heating

Project Layout

Are hot water points spaced far apart or close to each other? Your project layout affects overall piping cost. Remember to work out both costs to get a balanced comparison.

Estimated cost 80 lit x 2 150lit x 1
1. Heater
2. Piping

Space Requirements

Individual heaters are small and usually placed in each bathroom. Central heaters are weatherproof and commonly located at outdoor areas, such as the roof or air conditioning ledges.

Maintenance of Your Heater

Maintaining a single, central heater will usually cost less than maintaining several small ones above a false ceiling.

Heat pumps are the most efficient water heating systems.

In tropical climates, heat pumps are even more energy saving than solar heaters.

Other Features

MAX Heating

Digital water heating is more than twice as powerful as standard heating.

Automatic Time (AES)

Records your usage patterns and heats water in the most energy efficient method.

Blue Diamond™ Element

A. O. Smith manufactures in-house elements of the highest heating efficiency.

Temperature Controls

Adjust your water heater temperature to heat less so you can save more.

High Density Insulation

Reduce standby heat loss and lower energy costs.

Instant Heating

A patented heating sequence gives you hot water without you having to wait.

Blue Diamond™ Tank

Patented tank lining makes A. O. Smith heaters the toughest in the market.

Built In Timer

System goes into energy saving mode on its own. No need to turn your heater off and on.

Product Specifications

Model Diameters (mm) Height (mm)
Specs HPI-40D HPI-50D
Rated volume (L)
Power, heat pump mode (kW)
Power, electric mode (kW)
Voltage/frequency (V/Hz)
Temperature range (°C)
35 – 75 ± 5
35 – 75 ± 5
Max/min ambient temperature (°C)
7 – 43 ± 5
7 – 43 ± 5
Noise level (dB)
≤ 40
≤ 40
Rated tank, inlet/outlet pressure (MPa)
Inlet/outlet connection (inches)
Waterproof grade
Net weight (kg)