A. O. Smith Heat Pumps for Landed Homes

In Singapore, heat pumps are more efficient than solar heaters.

Let's show you how free you can get FREE ambient air heat to work for you so you can save hundreds of dollars each year!

Huge households risk of having High Maintenance Heaters

If you have several bathrooms, installing each area with energy guzzling high consumption out-dated water heaters will devour your energy and money. 

This is where heat pumps come to your rescue. Watch how this sleek and powerful technology transforms your heater into an efficient cost saving machine.

Take down those sky-high electric bills

Heat pumps use a whopping less 80% energy than a traditional electric powered water heater. 

How? They are powered by a tiny fan that draws in 100% free heat from the ambient air. 

You're not creating new heat, you're just tapping into 100% free resources from the environment.

Heat Pump Comparison

Micro Heat Pump

Size: 60 to 80 litres

Suitable for: HDB, apartments, condominiums

Supports: up to 3 baths

Operating efficiency: 75%

Powered by: electricity + air heat

Central Heat Pump

Size: 150 to 180 litres

Suitable for: large condos and landed homes

Supports: up to 6 baths

Operating efficiency: 80%

Powered by: electricity + air heat

Light Comm HP

Size: 300 to 450 litres

Suitable for: penthouses, landed homes, GCB

Supports: up to 8 baths

Operating efficiency: 80%

Powered by: electricity + air heat

Solar Water Heater

Size: 300 to 450 litres

Suitable for: landed homes with pitched roof

Supports: up to 5 baths

Operating efficiency: 50%

Powered by: electricity + sun heat

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Heat Pumps: The Undisputed #1 Landed Choice

At AOS Bath, we highly recommend going green with Heat Pumps.

Using renewable energy is the only real way of saving energy because you are using free and clean sources which are ALREADY available in the environment. Other gas and electric sources run on fossil fuels that don't save our earth.

The Heat Pump will deliver great hot water pressure, 5-star showers and baths, all while saving the earth. 

Heat Pumps reduce your water heating bills by 80%

Heat pumps transfer heat from the outside air to your heater, providing hot water at a fraction of the running cost of an electric heater.

Keep prying eyes away from your private spaces

When you install a central heat pump, it will be out of sight and far away from your personal areas.

If ever a service is required, you never have to worry about a stranger entering your bedroom or personal bathroom, and looking through your pictures, clothes, or mess. What's yours, stays yours.

Say goodbye to the chaos of ceiling installations

Eliminate your worries about falling objects or damaged items in your personal space.

Forget about the exorbitant costs associated with cutting ceilings, plastering, and patching. 

Speak to us to find out how to upgrade to a stress-free, elegant solution today.

Revolutionary Technology in a smaller package

Heat pumps have evolved beyond our wildest dreams.. it used to be that giant systems were only available for large hotels and businesses. 

Today, the latest technology has made this energy saver available to home owners. Heat pumps are now neat, easy and low-maintenance.

Did you know Heat Pumps produce free cool air while saving energy?

Here's a cool fact. Bet you didn't know that heat pumps are air conditioners working in reverse. 

The big difference is that while air conditioners struggle to work in Singapore's hot climate, heat pumps effortlessly extract abundant heat from our air to heat water at very low power consumption.

This time-tested, proven technology that has been working money saving wonders! It is 4 times more efficient than a normal water heater. 

YIKES! A Poor Quality Heat Pump's efficiency can drop from 80% to 40%!!

We're here to make sure that you don't get shortchanged like that. It's important to get a heat pump from a reputable, top ranking brand.. We trust AOSmith. 

Backed by over 150 years of experience and integrity, an AOS heat pump is a high fidelity system with an extremely long lifespan of over 10 years. It also retains its high efficiency over many years of use. 

Investing in a good heat brand will save you thousands of dollars in the long run. Don't compromise on quality. 

Here's a shocking fact about solar heaters.

Solar heaters don't work over 50% of the time. They don't work at night, on hazy days or even on rainy days! In their down time, solar heaters transform into 300-litre, high-wattage, high energy consuming electric heaters without you knowing. But heat pumps don't give you that problem. They run at high efficiency as long as it is 15ºC and above. 

Because of this, we've replaced many solar heaters to heat pumps for hundreds of satisfied customers!! 

Heat pumps have an Ultra high efficiency of 80%

We specialise in large solar heater conversion to heat pumps.

Do you have a cranky solar water heater? Is it leaking and consuming lots of electricity? There is only one way to find out. 

We have helped several discerning businesses save THOUSANDS of DOLLARS with heat pumps.

You can get the same results for Your Household too!

Some businesses we have worked with:

Low quality heat pumps get SUPER noisy over time

Is it really worth annoying the neighbours with your loud and noisy heat pump? Absolutely not! Everyone deserves peace and comfort when they return home.

Heat pumps of poor quality wear down faster and the compressor can go as loud as 90 decibels! That's as loud as a hairdryer. Here is where AOS heat pumps shine, they are built with silent compressors that never exceed 50 decibels.

We're tested this in a sound proof room over many months. Being considerate will keep you and your neighbours on good terms for years. 

Find out why Authorities are so HYPED about Heat Pumps!

Electric and gas heaters consume 3000 watts of power or equivalent. 

In comparison, heat pump water heaters use only a fraction of the energy.. only 400 watts. No wonder heat pumps are getting so much attention!

Here's a Secret Hack To getting your Heat Pump working for You Harder than Ever!!

Solar water heaters also use renewable energy. 

While heat pumps use air heat to create hot water, solar heaters use the sun’s heat to heat their tanks.

In regions close to the equator, cloud cover is heavy. This means that solar heaters run at only 50% efficiency compared to a heat pump’s 80% efficiency. 

In places like Singapore where there is no winter, heat pumps work at high efficiency 24 hours, 7 days a week.

In Singapore, Heat Pumps Have NO Downtime.

They work when it is cloudy.

They work when it is hazy.

They work when it rains.

Weatherproof heat pump

Install a weatherproof heat pump outdoors and free up precious internal living space.

Raise your bathroom ceilings

Use the integrated heat pump as a central heater. By moving the heater out of the bathroom, you can raise ceilings for a more spacious bathroom concept.

Enjoy The Full AOS Bath Experience

Residential Water Heater Experts in Singapore

As the leading direct-to-consumer specialists, we are dedicated to serving homeowners with unmatched expertise and efficiency.

Exceptional 3-year Full Local Warranty

Most brands typically extend a 1-year warranty before incurring additional charges. AOS Bath provides comprehensive local warranty, covering service, labor, and transport.

Over 1700 5-Star Google Reviews

We put our clients first, and it shows. Find out why we have a stellar reputation backed by an impressive list of 1700+ 5-star Google reviews.

Swift After-Sales Service for Your Hot Water Needs

We recognize the urgency of hot water breakdowns. Count on our rapid-response, professional in-house team to provide you with fast and reliable after-sales service

Expert Installation by Local Heater Specialists

Your bathroom is your personal space. The last thing you need there are messy ceiling and plumbing works.

Central units are installed in a public space – at the roof or aircon ledge. Installers only need to access these areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use the heat pump?

Use the following settings for the panel: 

Recommended Mode


Recommended Temperature

65ºC. (Do not set below 50ºC. Why?)

Timer / AES

Always on, unless vacationing for over 3 days
AES should be off for Singapore

If you are using a central system, your hot water will run in a circulation loop around the house. The loop allows you to get hot water fast. 

If you have a circulation loop, you need a circulating pump to pump hot water around the loop.

Solar heaters have high-power backup heating elements. There are often activated when conditions are unfavourable. These conditions include rainy days, cloudy days and evenings. When heating elements activate, solar heaters are low efficiency.

Heat pumps are a more efficient system because they have a much larger working range. They work on high efficiency, as long as the temperature does not drop below 7ºC.

Electric water heaters: 3000W
Micro heat pumps: 210W
Central heat pumps: 460W

Heat pumps draw in plenty of free energy from heat in the ambient air. Micro heat pumps alone can save an estimated $600/year.

Yes, you can leave the switch on all the time. Heat pumps are automatic systems and will cut off when the temperature is right.

There will not be any wastage of electricity.

Electric heaters create heat using 3000-watt heating elements.

Heat pumps do not create heat. They transfer heat from the ambient air with the use of a small compressor that runs on only 210 watts.

Heat pumps are renewable energy heaters. Their tanks are larger than a usual because they generate heat slower.

A large tank serves as a reservoir for stored energy.

Product Specifications

HPI 150-180 lit Tech Specs

Vertical allowance for Integrated Water Heater Heat Pump.

CAHP 300-450 lit Tech Specs

Length (mm)520520910990
Width (mm)520520610711
Height (mm)1660185016701700
Volume (lit)150180300450
Power, heat pump mode (kW)0.510.511.251.25
Power, electric mode (kW)
Voltage/frequency (V/Hz)220 / 50220 / 50220~/50220~/50
Temperature range (°C)35 – 75 ± 535 – 75 ± 535 – 82 ± 535 – 82 ± 5
Max/min ambient temperature (°C)7 – 43 ± 57 – 43 ± 55 – 48 ± 55 – 48 ± 5
Sound level (dB)≤ 40≤ 40≤ 52≤ 52
Rated water pressure (MPa)
Coefficient of Performance5.05.0
Waterproof gradeIPX4IPX4IPX4IPX4
Weight (kg)8792165198