A. O. Smith Integrated Heat Pump Water Heater

In Singapore, heat pumps are more efficient than solar water heaters.
They absorb ambient air heat and save $900 a year.

What is a heat pump?

Heat pumps are water heaters which absorb free ambient air to heat up water. They save 80% of heating energy or around $900 a year.

Working range: 7 to 45°C.

After 10 years, other brands drop below 60% efficiency.

After 10 years, other brands drop below 60% efficiency. High integrity AOS heat pumps does not fall below the 90% efficiency range.

Your AOS heater remains a top performer, even after many years of service.

AOS clients enjoy longest full warranty in Singapore: 3 years

While other brands provide a 1-year warranty, AOS warranties last 3-years. This is the longest full warranty in Singapore.

With the high standards of water cleanliness here, we have seen AOS heaters last 20 years. On the other hand, the average lifespan of a water heater in Singapore is 5 years.

These high standards are due to A. O. Smith owning every of their 21 plants worldwide. 95% of their production line uses robotics for consistency.

We spend US$83 million on R&D each year

A. O. Smith is America’s top water heater and the largest water heater manufacturer worldwide.

They commit US$83 million to deep research on water technology, maintaining their edge with a steady stream of innovative patents.

Silent operation

Other heat pumps have compressors that run as loud as 80dB. The noise level increases over time.

The AOS system is discreet.

AOS heaters are built with silent compressors that never exceed 50 decibels. This is a noise level comparable to the sound of rustling leaves.

Decibel Scale

2X more efficient than solar

Heat pumps were launched in Singapore after detailed studies on climate and sun intensity.

In our cloudy region, solar heaters have an efficiency of 50%. Heat pumps far outperform solar at an efficiency of 80%.

4 times more efficient than electric heaters

In the tropics where there is no winter, heat pumps work at high efficiency 24 hours, 7 days a week.

In Singapore, AOS heat pumps have been certified 4 times as efficient as an electric heater.

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Electric and gas heaters consume 3000 watts of power or equivalent.
In comparison, heat pump water heaters use only 460 watts.

Central heaters reduce initial cost

Using several individual heaters is a layout of the past.

New developments usually use a single water heater. You will save much more on the initial total cost this way.

Weatherproof heat pump

Install a weatherproof heat pump outdoors and free up precious internal living space.

Raise your bathroom ceilings

Use the integrated heat pump as a central heater. By moving the heater out of the bathroom, you can raise ceilings for a more spacious bathroom concept.

Central heat pumps reduce power loading

Each water heater draws around 3000 watts. Having a few heaters running in the house draws a higher power load. With a single central heater, you can power up the entire house with only 460 watts.

Eliminate messy maintenance works out of your bathroom to the roof area

Your bathroom is your personal space. The last thing you need there are messy ceiling and plumbing works.

Central units are installed in a public space – at the roof or aircon ledge. Installers only need to access these areas.

What is a circulating pump and why do I need it?

If you are using a central system, your hot water will run in a circulation loop around the house. The loop allows you to get hot water fast. Hot water circulates through loop through a circulating pump.

Frequently Asked Questions

Solar heaters have high-power backup heating elements. There are often activated when conditions are unfavourable. These conditions include rainy days, cloudy days and evenings. When heating elements activate, solar heaters are low efficiency.

Heat pumps are a more efficient system because they have a much larger working range. They work on high efficiency, as long as the temperature does not drop below 7ºC.

Yes, you can leave the switch on all the time. Heat pumps are automatic systems and will cut off when the temperature is right.

There will not be any wastage of electricity.

Electric heaters create heat using 3000-watt heating elements.

Heat pumps do not create heat. They transfer heat from the ambient air with the use of a small compressor that runs on only 210 watts.

Heat pumps are renewable energy heaters. Their tanks are larger than a usual because they generate heat slower.

A large tank serves as a reservoir for stored energy.

Send your floor plan over to us at WhatsApp 87682661. Do let us know the number of people living at home and we will recommend the right size for you.

Setting the Panel

Recommended Mode


Recommended Temperature

65ºC. (Do not set below 50ºC. Why?)

Timer / AES

Always on, unless vacationing for over 3 days
AES should be off for Singapore

Panel Guide

Product Specifications

Power, heat pump mode (kW)0.51
Power, electric mode (kW)3.0
Voltage/frequency (V/Hz)220 / 50
Temperature range (°C)35 – 75 ± 5
Max/min ambient temperature (°C)7 – 43 ± 5
Sound level (dB)≤ 40
Rated water pressure (MPa)1.0
Coefficient of Performance5.0
Waterproof gradeIPX4
Vertical allowance for Integrated Water Heater Heat Pump.
ModelVolume (lit)Diameter (mm)Height (mm)TP (mm)Weight (kg)
HPI-40D150 litØ5201660105687
HPI-50D180 litØ5201850124392