MAX Heating Technology

MAX Heating Technology

Regular water heaters can produce 2 times their capacity of warm water for a shower.

Horizontal Electric Water Heater

Regular Heating

Maximum output: x 2 capacity
40 lit x 4 = 80 lit warm water

MAX Heating is a technology which allows the same
water heater size to produce more warm water.

Horizontal Digital Water Heater

4 MAX Heating

Maximum output: x 4 capacity
40 lit x 4 = 160 lit warm water

Mini Digital Water Heater

6 MAX Heating

Maximum output: x 6 capacity
40 lit x 6 = 240 lit warm water

The MAX function can save time for homeowners who have to cope with a sudden surge in hot water demands at home.

MAX technology allows a small water heater to produce a lot of hot water. It is a great solution if you have high requirements and limited space.