MAX Heating Technology

Patent ZL200820185859.4

MAX Heating is a technology which allows the same water heater size to produce more hot water.

What are the practical applications?

Have a huge bathtub but insufficient water heater space?

Some condominiums have huge bathtubs but very limited ceiling space. Owners find themselves running out of hot water midway through a bath. Installing a digital heater with MAX technology will solve this problem.

Always running out of hot water?

In apartments where smaller water heaters are installed, it is common to have the third of fourth person run out of hot water in a shower.

Digital heaters produce two times more hot water than a regular electric heater, so users can take four back to back showers comfortably.

Hardly use the tub? Use a smaller water heater to save energy.

In the past, having a bathtub meant that one would have a 100 liter water heater installed somewhere. However Singaporeans rarely take long baths.. we prefer quicker showers. So, heating a 100 litre heater everyday is a waste.

A small tank size of 40 litres is more eco friendly for daily use, while still giving users the option to use the bathtub occasionally with MAX technology.

Check out these popular heaters with Built timer

Gen 6 Digital Heater
Heats up in 2 minutes, produces 4 times the tank volume of hot water
Gen 8 Mini Digital Heater
Saves energy, get hot water in just a few seconds.