Micro Heat Pump Water Heater

The smallest, most efficient heat pump in the world.

Pulls in heat from the ambient air to make water hot, saving you $600 a year.

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Electric and gas heaters consume 3000 watts of power or equivalent.
Heat pump water heaters use 210 watts.

Heat pumps of the past

Heat pumps of the past used to be huge and suitable only for commercial use. Think.. 2000 litre water tanks on the roof of a hotel.

A. O. Smith invented the smallest heat pump in the world, suitable for apartments.

Micro heat pumps

PATENT ZL20120224011.5

The smallest heat pump in the world has a capacity of 60 litres. With this new invention, the energy saving heat pump technology is now accessible to all homeowners.

Heat pumps: three times more efficient than electric heaters

With the same amount of electricity, heat pumps produce three times more hot water than electric heaters when they absorb free air heat from the surroundings.

Fully automated smart heater

Your heat pump is a smart water heater which goes into energy saving mode when not in use. Activate the automatic timer (AES) and the system will memorize your family’s bathing patterns over twenty-one days.

AOS heat pumps: Ranked #1 efficiency

The latest heat transfer coils wrapped outside the tank make AOS the top efficiency heat pump in USA and China. They are also the safest with zero chances of refrigerant leakage into water.

Number 1 water heater in USA

A. O. Smith is America’s top water heater due to their successful manufacturing process of Blue Diamond tanks that can last at least 10 years. Today, they are the largest water heater manufacturer worldwide.

100% fully-owned robotic plants

To maintain high quality control, A. O. Smith Corporation fully owns every of their 21 plants worldwide. They are the only manufacturer with the technology to employ robotics over 95% of their production line.

Established in 1874

A. O. Smith Corporation has led the industry in the development of advanced automated technology, manufacturing car frames for Ford and Cadillac in the 1900s. The consistency of their processes have been unparalleled in the last 100 years.

Are heat pumps suitable for HDB?

Absolutely. Micro heat pumps easily fit into all apartments and this includes HDB units. Popular installation locations are in the bathroom or at the service yard where the heat pumps can draw in plenty of free air heat.

Can heat pumps be installed above a false ceiling?

Micro heat pumps can be installed above a false ceiling as long as the ceiling air space is ventilated.

How can I view my heat pump panel in the false ceiling?

We provide two solutions by modifying the heat pump.

Solution 1

is to disconnect the entire length of the control panel from the heat pump and fix it at the corner of the ceiling. As the panel is high up, you may use the remote control to adjust the settings.

Solution 2

is to house the panel in a specially designed acrylic casing and bring the case down to eye level.

The panel is touch screen so you will not need to use the remote control. This solution is an additional $160 and available upon request.

Which heat pump size is good for a bathtub?

Heat pumps are great if you love long showers or if you are a heavy duty bathtub user. The more you use, the more you save.

With the 1.5 meter bathtub shown here, an 80 lit heat pump is used. Have a bigger tub? Click the link below to find out more.

What is the difference between a heat pump and a digital heater?

The difference lies in the level of technology. Heat pumps can operate in two modes. High performance digital modes or the energy saving heat pump mode.

Model Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm)
HPW-60A 837 465 473
HPW-80A 992 465 473
Product Specifications
Rated volume (L) 60 80
Power, heat pump mode (kW) 0.21 0.21
Power, electric mode (kW) 3.2 3.2
Voltage/frequency (V/Hz) 230~/50 230~/50
Temperature range (°C) 35 – 75 ± 5 35 – 75 ± 5
Max/min ambient temperature (°C) 10 – 44 ± 5 10 – 44 ± 5
Noise level (dB) ≤ 40 ≤ 40
Rated tank, inlet/outlet pressure (MPa) 0.8 0.8
Inlet/outlet connection (inches) ½ ½
Waterproof grade IPX4 IPX4
Net weight (kg) 42 45