A. O. Smith Micro Heat Pump Water Heater

Unlock the secret of harnessing free air heat and put hundreds of dollars back in your pocket every year.

Micro Heat Pump Water Heater.

Lower Electric Bills

Heat pumps use 75% less energy.

Reduce your heating bills today.

Heat pumps perform exceptionally well in Singapore

Embark on a year-round journey of warmth with our high-fidelity heat pumps! Unlike in colder climates where winter imposes limitations, heat pumps are high performers throughout the year.

Our promise to you: an uninterrupted flow of hot water, even on rainy or cool days. Complete peace of mind and comfort every single day!

Compare Heaters with Heat Pumps

Gen 1 Electric

Size: 40 lit

Operating efficiency: 0%

Powered by: electricity, 2000 watts

Suitable for: HDB, apartments, condominiums

Supports: up to 2 baths

Gen 6 Digital

Size: 40 litres

Operating efficiency: 10%

Powered by: electricity, 3000 watts

Suitable for: HDB, apartments, condominiums

Supports: up to 3 baths

Micro Heat Pump

Size: 80 litres

Operating efficiency: 75%

Powered by: electricity 210 watts + air heat

Suitable for: HDB, apartments, condominiums

Supports: up to 3 baths

Solar Water Heater

Size: 300 litres

Operating efficiency: 50%

Powered by: electricity 3000 watts + sun heat

Suitable for: landed homes with pitched roof

Supports: up to 5 baths

Why Singaporeans Absolutely LOVE the Heat Pump!

I got an AOS 80L micro heat pump recently to replace my electric heater.

My electricity bill has been reduced by a lot and also have never run out of hot water since the installation due to the large tank.

Not to mention my toilet is much cooler due to the cold air emitted from the heater when heating the water.

Highly recommended!

Shaun Lee
Google Review

We purchased a heat pump water heater from AOS Bath and have had a positive experience.

They were quite helpful in answering presale questions and explaining the system operation.

The installation was on time and professionally done, and in efficiency mode (the best choice for our needs).

There's a big improvement (reduction) in our monthly electric bills compared to a conventional electric water heater.

Timothy Sipples
Google Review

I am a return customer of AOSBath.

The most recent purchase was for the heat pump water heater, which promises to be energy efficient. One thing is for sure: I enjoy the cool air exhaust a lot and I find myself sitting/standing near the heater when it is in operation a lot.

1st purchase was for a digital water heater and it worked reliably over 6 years. I have also recommended my sisters to get the same heater and they are happy users as well!

Chee Hao Lim
Google Review

Make Your Dollar Work Three Times Harder

For the same amount of money, heat pumps give you 3 times more hot water.

New Tech, Now Micro Sized for You

Once, heat pumps were only used in large buildings. Today, they are small enough to fit in your home.

Reduce Long Wait Times to ZERO

Planning on having several showers at one go? Heat pumps can handle that without breaking a sweat.

If you're connecting sink taps and other basins, the heat pump will serve the entire family's needs all at the same time.

Authorities: Huge Potential with Heat Pumps in Homes!

Rejoice in The Heat Pump's Free Cooling effect

Bet you didn't know that heat pumps can emit cool air while they are working.

Imagine stepping into a cooler, dehumidified yard or bathroom without having to waste money on air-conditioning.

Any cooling effect is 100% welcome in the sweltering, tropical Singapore heat!

Knowing Gives You Absolute and Full Control

Forget the days where you have to guess how much hot water is left in your water heater. Erase all ambiguity with easy hot water visuals. 

Now you know exactly how much hot water is available before you even step in for a bath.

Don't get a Lemon that only Lasts 5 Short Years

When you buy a heat pump, you're in it for the long haul. You want a good tank that can last you way over 10 years.

A. O. Smith's Blue Diamond tank has been a market leader for over 100 years. Why? Their high durability tank has an impressive track record of a 52 year lifespan!

Your Supplier Matters, Because After Sales Service Matters

When you work with Singapore's top reviewed and most loved water heater specialist, you get special benefits. You never have to wait hours on the phone, or days for on-site service.

Any time within the 3 years, we're on standby and ready to give you the speediest assistance and support. 

Lee Ah Mooi: Transformation to Sustainability

Get an inside scoop of how the AOS Team brainstormed the most cost-effective and efficient Micro Heat Pump solution for our client. We optimised the home's setup, cutting through complexities and limitations.

We'll do the same for your home. Our star team doesn't just find solutions; they find the solutions that make financial sense. 

SAFRA, Yishun | AOS Bath Projects

SAFRA: Make the Dollars Stack up in Your Favor

At SAFRA, one of the most populated clubs in Singapore.. Every splash of water holds the potential to save thousands each year in heating bills – that's the impact of our innovative water heating solution.

The AOS Team ended up devising a Micro Heat Pump solution that not only addressed their needs but surpassed expectations. We've never built anything this creative before and are excited to share it with you! 

Civil Service Club: A New Era of Control, Savings, and Innovation

We love working with clients whose commitment to going green is a beacon of change. In this iconic pursuit, we joined forces to make CSC's vision a reality. 

The goal was clear: a cost-effective Micro Heat Pump solution that not only reduced material expenses but also minimised heat loss. Going green shouldn't mean compromising on comfort.

Civil Service Club, Tessensohn | AOS Bath Projects

Have Full Confidence in the #1 Water Heater in USA

You pay for what you get. With A. O. Smith, you're buying into a 150-year rich history of innovation and excellence. 

You'll get patented, time-tested, crowd-approved technologies that have been proven to save you time and money. With 6 million heaters sold worldwide each year, you can't go wrong. 

Product Specifications

Power, heat pump mode (kW)0.21
Power, electric mode (kW)3.2
Voltage/frequency (V/Hz)230 / 50
Temperature range (°C)0.835 – 75 ± 5
Max/min ambient temperature (°C)10 – 44 ± 5
Sound level (dB)≤ 40
Rated water pressure (MPa)0.8
Waterproof gradeIPX4
Capacity (litres)60 lit80 lit
Length (mm)837992
Width (mm)465465
Height (mm)473473
Weight (kg)4245
Illustration on how proper wiring for AOS bath water heaters.
Wall bracket installation.


Heat Pump HDB, service yard
Heat Pump, Condo yard
Heat Pump, Condo balcony
HDB common bath, top floor
Landed, concealed
Custom panel holder (add on)

Micro Heat Pump FAQ

How do I use the heat pump?
Recommended Mode


Recommended Temperature

50ºC. (Do not set below 50ºC. Why?)

Timer / AES

For Singapore, disable AES and timers.
Always leave heater on, unless vacationing for over 3 days.

The remote control is for heat pumps installed above false ceilings.
Use the remote control to program your water heater.
After the initial set up, there is no need to always adjust the panel or use the remote control.
You can power on and off at the main heater switch outside your bathroom. 

You should perform a maintenance every 3 years. This comes with a tank flushing to clear out any sediments in the tank, keeping your shower water clean. 

Keeping a clean tank also prolongs the life of your water heater. 

AES is an automatic timer function. 

Due to Singapore’s warmer climate, AES has been known to restrict the heater’s heating cycle. You are advised to disable the AES function.

Yes, it is normal. Heat pumps produce condensation and water droplets from the relief valve.

All drips should pipe off to a proper drainage. The dripping should not wet your false ceiling. 

At AOS Bath, we’ve got you covered with the most extended onsite warranty for water heaters in Singapore.

And here’s the best part—it’s a complete onsite warranty with no extra costs from your pocket. This means you’re fully covered for three years, including transport, parts, and labor.