Flat Microchannel Coil

Patent ZL200820185859.4

Microchannel coils are a patented heat pump design technology which allow for maximum heat transfer.

Old technology

In the past, copper tubes are twisted around the tank

Hot refrigerant flows through coils wrapped around a tank to heat up water inside.

Latest technology

Now, patented AOS coils lie flat against the tank

Copper coils

Small heat exchange area, low efficiency

As tank expands and contracts, copper coils move away from the tank.

Copper changes over time to reduce heat exchange surface area.


Microchannel coils

Large heat exchange area, high efficiency

As tank expands and contracts, flat coils continue to adhere to tank surface.

Microchannel design retains shape even under 110kg of pressure.

What are the practical applications?

AOS heat pumps have #1 efficiency in USA and China

Because heat transfer is so much more efficient with flat coils, A. O. Smith heat pumps have the highest energy efficiency in their category in both USA and China.

AOS heat pumps maintain their efficiency over time

Copper coil users enjoy high energy efficiency at the start, but this drops drastically over time as the copper is malleable and changes shape easily under heat.

A. O. Smith heat pumps maintain their high levels of COP even after 10 years of use.

AOS heat pumps can heat to 65ºC

High heat transfer technology means users get more hot water. Our heat pumps attain temperatures of 65°C, while many others can only go up to 55°C.