Gen 6 Digital 40 lit CEWHR-40

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Dive into a world of comfort and efficiency with the Gen 6 Digital Water Heater.

✅ Double Hot Water supply for extended showers, with patented heating technology.

✅ Fast 2-minute heating, a game-changer from Generation 1’s 20 minutes.

✅ Convenient Built-in timer ensures peak-hour warmth. You no longer have to wake up at 5 a.m. to turn on that heater.


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Gen 6, BTO, Panel in Bath
Gen 6, BTO, Copper Pipes
Gen 6, BTO, w Ceiling Brackets
Gen 6, BTO, Yard
Concealed tank installed Gen 6 Digital 40 lit CEWHR-40.
Gen 6, Condo, Private
Gen 6, Condo, Private

Gen 6 Reviews

A. O. Smith, my go-to water heater brand. Tried the popular Italian brand and the popular Malaysia brand water heater, always end up with leakage or rust in less than 5 years. No leakage or rust issue with my A. O. Smith water heater.

The performance is constant. It can maintain the hot water temperature longer I feel. The basic model I had previously came with a temperature gauge on the heater, no more guessing how hot is the water.

So happy with the previous purchase that I had got their digital water heater in my new place.

The digital water heater comes with a programmable digital panel that you can program the daily on/off timing. No need to manually turn on/off the heater daily now. Yeah!

Kenn Tan
Google Review

Purchased a 50L electric tank from AOS for my 5Rm BTO. What appealed the most to me was that the water warmed up really fast upon switching on (1-2mins).

I didn’t like the idea of having to switch on my heater way in advance as I always forget and other brands seemed to take a really long time.

I preferred this option over getting an instant heater as I like my warm showers to have consistent temperature too.

Definitely recommended despite being more highly priced compared to other brands in the market.

Google Review

The water heater from AO Smith is really considered as next gen. As compared to my old water heater, the one from A Smith heats up really fast and I really love the control that comes with it.

It allows me to know how much hot water I have exactly so I can properly time when I need to heat up more.

Eugene Chua
Google Review

Gen 6 FAQ

How do I use the heater?

The panel only needs to be set up once, after the heater is installed. Follow this link to the control panel guide. After initial set up, there is no need to always adjust the panel. You can power on and off at the main heater switch. 

Recommended Mode


Recommended Temperature

Showers: 50ºC
Bathtubs: 65ºC


Do not set below 50ºC. Why?

At AOS Bath, we’ve got you covered with the most extended onsite warranty for water heaters in Singapore.

And here’s the best part—it’s a complete onsite warranty with no extra costs from your pocket. This means you’re fully covered for three years, including transport, parts, and labor.

For the digital heater to be correctly installed according to safety standards in Singapore, both the heater switch and panel must be installed.

The digital panel wire (green line) is separate from the power cable (orange line).

The digital panel runs from a special data cable from the heater tank. It is moisture resistant and usually fixed close to the heater tank in the bathroom.

The heater power switch (provided by HDB or developer) remains in its default location, outside the bathroom. This is the main on/off control.

Gen 6 Digital 40 lit CEWHR-40 installed above head (BTO) installation.
Gen 6 Digital 40 lit CEWHR-40 panel installed with panel wire concealed at box-up (BTO).


Gen 6 water heaters wiring specification and illustration.
Gen 6 Water Heater wall mount illustrations.
Power (kW)3.0
Voltage/frequency (V/Hz)220~230 / 50
Temperature range (°C)35 – 75 ± 5
Rated water pressure (MPa)0.8
Waterproof gradeIPX4
Capacity (litres)40 lit50 lit80 lit100 lit
Length (mm)7188388631028
Width (mm)395395463463
Height (mm)395395463463
Weight (kg)19213135