Pump Up to Save Energy

Pump Up to Save Energy

Published March 18, 2016
By April Chong

As home owners become more conscious of conserving the environment and saving energy, more are turning to heat pump water heaters for their bathrooms. Compared to gas or electric water heaters, the heat pump water heaters use about 80 per cent less energy, leading to lower electricity bills. They are even more efficient than solar heaters.

For instance, AOS Bath’s micro heat pump water heaters run at 210 watts. Its energy usage is a far cry from the 3,000 watts used by conventional water heaters, this amounts to about $600 of savings in a year.

Heat pump water heaters are widely used in hotels and commercial areas and are usually around 300 liters. Micro heat pumps are the smallest heat pumps in the world and the first of their kind suitable for residences. They come in 60-litre and 80-litre models and at about $2,600, are more affordable than solar heaters.

Energy-saving water heaters such as solar systems and heat pumps have a higher upfront cost than traditional heaters. But if used correctly, the cost is recovered within two to four years, and there will be savings in the long run.

Heat Pump Water Heaters in Singapore - AOS Bath


These heaters work by absorbing free hot air from the environment and channeling it to the water, using significantly less electricity to get the job done.

Heat pump water heaters came into the limelight earlier this year when the National Environment Agency said it would explore the use of such heaters over the more conventional ones in high-rise buildings.The micro heat pump water heaters from AOS Bath are small enough to be installed in bathrooms, balconies or yard areas.

This heater tank uses a patented Blue Diamond glass lining. Glass-lined tanks are the most durable tanks in the world. The intelligent system switches to an energy saving mode on its own and you no longer need to flick a switch on and off all the time. A nifty touch screen panel for the thermostat settings allows the user to control the temperature of the water, saving even more energy while taking that luxurious shower.

AOS Bath represents A. O. Smith Corporation, the leading water heater company in the United States and the largest water heater manufacturer in the world. They are well-known for having the most advanced water heating technology.

You can find out more at AOS Bath’s main showroom at 178 Paya Lebar #05-10, or go to www.aosbath.com for details.



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