Your contractor recommended you some common water heater that’s not good enough.

Help is finally here. It is time you discover how easy it is to work with THE ONLY WATER HEATER SPECIALIST IN SINGAPORE


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Getting the wrong water heater is a decision you need to live with for the next FIVE years..

Don’t make that mistake.

And get the correct sizing for your heater.

So... Which water heater is right for your home?

Looking for the latest technology that delivers comfort and convenience?

Unlike traditional electric heaters which only have a heater switch. Digital heating opens up a world of possibilities with precise temperature control and built in timers.

For the first time, know how exactly how much hot water is in your heater before you step into a shower.

Need higher water pressure for showers after a long day from work?

The quality of water pressure can make or break your shower. Poor water pressure leads to incomplete showers. Great water pressure creates a refreshing experience.  

Let us create the perfect and relaxing shower that you deserve.

Want a heater that can deliver hot water in a few seconds?
mini bath

Gone are the days where you had to wait 10 to 20 minutes for a shower. With the tap of a single button, you can now get a consistent flow of fresh, hot water, instantly in a second!

Large family? No worries. Our systems easily support that too! This means you no longer have to wait in line till midnight to get your shower.

There is no one-size-fits-all-solution.

Let us help you tailor a solution to your needs.

True industry experts educate,

They do not sell.

Dearest friends and new homeowners,

Congratulations on the purchase of your brand new home. I bet you can’t wait to equip it with only the most efficient technology and energy saving products!

Starting off on a clean slate must be an exciting time for you. But are you overwhelmed with all the different views on forums and blogs? Surprised that every contractor, ID and architect has a different opinion?

The most savvy homeowners don’t rely on other people to give them answers. 

But they also save countless hours doing all the research. HOW?

Be it for a vacuum cleaner, a fridge or water heaters.. You only want the finest.

So, seek out the experts of each niche for reliable information and learn from them.

If you are looking for reliable, high performance water heaters backed with real patents, you have come to the right place.

Are you looking for:

AOS Bath can provide the full suite of water heater related services for you. 

Can’t wait to get started?

It’s the first step to finding the perfect heater for you.

Besides homeowners, we have also helped several discerning businesses to achieve their desired hot water results.

Want stellar results?

It is the first step to getting the dream shower for your home.

Everyone starts off unsure of where to begin.

Here is your first tip.

Big tip #1:

Do not take the advice of your neighbour, friend, mother, designer, contractor or whoever else that has all these good intentions in store for you. Good intentions are aplenty, but that will not help you.


Because it is your house. It is your decision. No one understands what you need better than yourself. No one can do it for you.

You need to make your own decision

Do yourself and your family a huge favour and take your own water heater quiz.

Your customised water heater quiz results ensure you get a 95% accurate water heater recommendation based on your own UNIQUE set of:  

  • Bathing patterns
  • Morning rush usage
  • Water pressure preference
  • Bathroom layout requirements

2 minutes can save you years of regrets

You can see how this varies vastly for everyone.

It is all too easy to make one wrong decision and end up with the incorrect heater.

It is a mistake some people live with for the next 5 years.

Save yourself the trouble and avoid the mess with a simple 2 minute quiz.

It’s your new home. You want it to be perfect. Don't be forced to live with a lemon that can’t meet your basic everyday needs.

Hi, I’m Amanda from AOS Bath.

Today, let's talk about lemons.

Specifically, water heater lemons. Lemons are products that come in all shapes and sizes, but they have one thing in common.

They are products that do not work as advertised and they will drive you up the wall with: 

If you were to watch the video all the way at the top, you will learn why we only focus solely on educating homeowners over everything else.

Do your own research.

Define what you need,

Or you won’t know the right heater to get.

I’ve spent around 10 years working with water heaters. Enough to know that shooting in the dark gives you correct results about 10% of the time. If you’re lucky.

It only takes 2 minutes to do a simple quiz but I’ve seen most homeowners leave this simple first step to contractors or bathroom retailers because they have no time. Sadly, the experience pretty much goes south from there. 

Avoid this mistake!

Why I understand your frustration, confusion and experience.

I don’t blame you. I can understand because just several years ago, I was there too. I trusted my contractor to give me recommendations for lights, tiles, and water heaters. All I did was shop at the retailer list he handed to me. The result was a disaster. 

But people learn from the mistakes of others, and I’m hoping that my sharing today will help you avoid that too. I now take 5 minutes to study my own needs before even listening to any sales advice or checking out any promotional brochure. Trust me, that 5 minutes you spend is worth it. For water heaters, this comes in a simple form of a quiz.

Go ahead and try it. I promise you an unbiased result and recommendation. The best part is that it is completely no-strings-attached. You can take that information and fly with another water heater provider. I just want to ensure you have at least the basics down, like sizing the tank right.

Get the basics right over here.

House-renovation is a black box.

There is a lot of dishonesty and distrust in the market, and I just want to make sure you don’t fall into those traps like I did.​

It makes me sad to hear horror stories from homeowners who could be treated so much better and with more respect.

I’m quite sure you’ve heard of..

The list can go on but it is just making me depressed, so I’ll stop here.

The bottom line is at AOS Bath, we exist to combat all the untruths and inaccuracies of a very messy marketplace. We do this best by educating you, the homeowner to make your own choice.

The bottom line is at AOS Bath,

we exist to combat all the untruths and inaccuracies of a very messy marketplace. We do this best by educating you, the homeowner to make your own choice. 

Good things begin slowly and from the ground up.

Sure, the entire process will take longer and we need to give you more detailed explanations but that is alright with us, because the main objective of our business is not to make money. Instead, it is to ensure we deliver happiness with your water heater at the end of the day, and that the hot refreshing shower you take gives you joy and washes your stress away. 

In all things I do, I ask myself this.

If the roles were reversed, would I hope to be treated the same way? 

This helps me to sleep well at night, but don’t simply take my word for it. See for yourself how AOS Bath became Singapore’s Highest Rated Water Heater Company.

Can’t wait to begin?

Find the best fit for your family.

Over 500+ reviews and counting..

See what our clients are saying for themselves.



You are important and we care about you.

From all the reviews here, You can clearly see what a world of difference it makes when a business like AOS Bath prioritizes and cares about you, your experience and your needs over money. 

After each and every interaction with us, we want YOU to walk away better informed, smarter, and armed with facts and not fiction. This is our hallmark of a job well done.

The very first step of a successful journey to make smart heater decisions is to take a heater quiz.

We help businesses too, delivering a high level of capabilities & services.

What do they demand such that they need to use AOS Bath?

High net worth clients, cannot afford downtime
1-day after sales service response time
Old, deep-value brands with 100+ years of tack record
Guaranteed longest heater warranty In Singapore
100% money back guarantee if installation is not possible
Lowest price guarantee, difference gets refunded
Deep-dive education sessions for consultants, architects
Full client empowerment through education

What benefits these businesses, will benefit you as a homeowner too.

You’ve noticed…

… some interesting warranties and guarantees up there in the business list that are specifically designed to protect you as a buyer even before you grant us access to your credit card. There are guarantees that protect you through the installation process. There are even guarantees that give you peace of mind years after the heater has been installed.

I’m sure you’re interested in those so…

Let us talk about the AOS Bath Guarantees and Warranties

Unlike any other water heater company, you will be delighted to know that AOS Bath goes out on a limb to ensure your interests are protected by guarantees and warranties every single step of the way.

We offer guarantees way beyond what existing industry leaders dare to provide to create a high trust environment for you.

As a buyer, your entire water heater experience from purchase to use should be a great one.

Want some peace of mind?

Longest, full heater warranty in Singapore

We carry deep-value heater brands with over 100 years of stellar track record performance. We’ll PERSONALLY provide you with LONG, FULL and COMPLETE warranty which covers:

100% Installation guarantee

Let me tell you a story. Tom is a layman homeowner and knows close to nothing about water heaters. To order a heater, he:

  1. Did a quiz to find his perfect heater
  2. Bought the heater online (everyone does that now, because covid)
  3. Arranged for an installation

Much to his surprise, the heater arrived but could not be fixed as his place was too small. 

Luckily, the other smart thing Tom did was to purchase his heater with AOS Bath. AOS Bath understands that homeowners cannot possibly know if the heater will fit. So they activated the 100% Installation Guarantee, took the heater back, and offered Tom a full refund. Case closed.

Want the benefits of an installation guarantee? Work with us.

Lowest price guarantee

How many times have you purchased a product, only to find it cheaper elsewhere? Instead of kicking yourself for the lack of time you put into research, AOS Bath protects you with a lowest-price guarantee. 

Simply tell us where you found the same product for a lower price, and we’ll refund you the difference. No further questions asked.

While you may be tempted to take advantage of these generous guarantees and make a decision on our best selling heaters right away, we do not recommend this shortcut

We strongly believe in you making educated deductions

It involves You making the first move to take a short quiz and determine your unique usage patterns.

We are a company that strongly supports education. 

If you want to reap the benefits of these unparalleled guarantees, don’t just buy from us. We are not interested in blindly closing a sale. 

Start with the basics and do a quiz.

We will not hesitate to propose lower priced alternatives if we feel they are more suitable.

Did you know that water heaters are the second largest energy consuming appliances in your home, after the air conditioner?

The performance of a renewable energy heater is largely dependent on its operating climate. There are two main renewable energy water heaters types in Singapore. First, solar heaters which get free energy from the sun and second, heat pumps which absorb free energy from the ambient air.

Climate research has shown that the sun intensity in Singapore is low due to our proximity to the equator and subsequent cloud cover. The cloud cover affects the solar heater absorption rate such that its efficiency is lowered to 50%. Heat pumps on the other hand, benefit from our constant summer-like climate and enjoy a resulting efficiency boost to around 80%.

Today, heat pumps are used by over 70% of businesses and hotels in Singapore.

With Singapore’s latest renewable energy initiatives, this figure is increasing. 

Play Video

As a leading supplier of heat pumps in Singapore, we were featured on Channel News Asia.

Some clients like to make decisions guided by price, dropping thousands on the most advanced models without fully understanding what benefits they bring. Allowing you to make a decision this way is not correct and frankly, makes us a little uncomfortable.

Do not be surprised if we propose lower priced, more suitable alternatives for you. Our main concern is not how much you purchase. Our service levels to you will remain the same regardless of your purchase. We are more interested that you find a heater that serves your unique needs well for the long term.

You don’t have to be rich to be clever.

To find out which is the best-value solution for you.

Real technology vs. Fake technology

The concept of ‘Fake Technologies’ may come across as a strange idea but the truth is we’ve all had an experience with fake technologies before. Fake Technologies are just systems that don’t work as advertised.

What are REAL technologies?

You don’t have to be rich to be clever.

the first digital water heater in Singapore was sold. It could:  

  • Produce 1.5 times more hot water than an electric heater and
  • Produce hot water 2 times faster than an electric heater

In 2021, the most advanced digital heater in Singapore can

  • Produce 6 times more hot water than an electric heater and
  • Produce hot water 8 times faster than an electric heater

These are REAL technologies with REAL patent numbers that have progressed over time with the support of an active R&D unit.

What are FAKE technologies?

In the span of 10 years, many digital-like water heaters have emerged in Singapore. These heaters may look like digital heaters because they come with a control panel but their performance is far cry from real digital heaters. 

I consider these Fake technologies because they are designed to mislead the unknowing layman homeowner. 

Common characteristics of Fake digital heater technologies include systems that: 

  • Cannot produce more hot water than electric heaters
  • Cannot produce hot water faster than electric heaters
  • Come equipped with low functionality features like Wifi which end up increasing your time spent using the product instead of freeing your time up
  • Are commonly manufactured in an OEM factory and not by the actual manufacturer
  • Have short lifespans of about 5 years 
  • Frequent breakdown of parts 

It is disappointing...

Some big brands employ OEM factories to produce these FAKE technologies in the interest of getting more short term market share. We dislike this practice because we believe that the client’s interests should be protected for the long term.

Short-sighted practices bring down the image of the water heater industry as a whole and create a low-trust environment that is more difficult to operate in the long term.

How can you identify real technologies from fake technologies?

When shopping for appliances for my own home, I find that these steps can be easily applied across most product categories including water heaters to set apart Real from Fake technologies.

#1. Read the reviews

Be very aware of companies who have disabled google reviews. Honest client feedback is important so why would anyone do that?T

#2. Ask for reports

Independent third party vendors can verify a system’s performance for a fee. A trusted retailer of real technologies should be happy to have their systems tested and have these reports on hand for you.

#3. The brand has a good track record

How long has this brand been in the market?
Are they top in their category? If they are so good, why are they not Number One? I also learnt that the country of origin matters. Being ‘Top in America’ is quite different from being ‘Top in Malaysia. The standards are just different.

#4. Specialists or Generalists?

If the entire company exists to deal with a very specific category, you can be sure they do it better than a company that dabbles in hundreds of products.

#5. Patents

How many patents does this company file? 1 or 100? Do they talk about having a dedicated R&D unit? Companies with no R&D and in-house manufacturing usually shy away from the mention of patents simply because there aren’t any technologies to protect.

Take a heater quiz

Thanks to the internet, a quick background search to verify these key factors should only take you a few minutes. These few minutes of research are worth your time.

Still not convinced? Read about our client’s experience.

Take the first step for great hot water.

Research is education

In Singapore most of us are hard pressed for time so even though we know that research can give us valuable knowledge, we may be tempted to take a shortcut. However, not all shortcuts are good to take.

Thankfully at AOS Bath, we make research easy for you with simple infographics and well researched results, all this specially for the Singaporean household.

Buying a heater for the first time?

First time buyers, you really need to know what heaters are suitable for you. Whatever you do, do not take the one-size-fits-all recommendation from your contractor. Some shortcuts really do lead you to the wrong place. Instead, take 2 minutes to find out your unique heater type with a short quiz.

AOS BATH’s promise to you

Trusted water heater specialists delivering satisfaction


Can’t wait to begin?

Take the first step and find out which heater is best for you

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

For apartments, a good time to order your heater is at least 3 months in advance. For landed homes, at least 6 months is advised. Fix the decision on your heater early as the heater choice affects:

  • heater placement
  • laying of pipes
  • ceiling height drop
  • whether you can use rain showers or bathtubs

Covid Update: Recent container hold-ups can delay shipments up to 3 months. To avoid disappointment, you are advised to reserve your heater ONE month earlier than scheduled. Popular 40 lit digital does go OOS. You can downsize to 40 or upgrade to 50.

HDB (no false ceiling): Fix your heater as soon as your floor and wall tiles are up, during the renovation stage. The installation process involves drilling and it will get dusty.

Landed and Condo (false ceiling): Fix your heater before the false ceiling is up to avoid extra false-ceiling work charges. This should als be in the renovation stage. 

Landed (roof): If you are using a central heater, the most common installation location is on the roof or close by your aircon compressors. Start installing the heaters as soon as the structure is up. Use of a crane may be required.  

Yes, you may use your own installer. We will provide additional guides on top of the instruction manuals for clarity. Most experienced installers can follow these guides without a hitch. Your warranty will not be void if the heater is installed according to the guides. 

We provide homeowners with a 4-Point Installation Checklist for you to verify that the installation was done correctly.

Certainly. Most homeowners pass us their contractors or IDs contact details right after the purchase. We will take care of all the coordination from there so that your time is freed up for more important decisions.

If just got your keys to a new BTO estate, there may be a group buy going on (minimum 10 pax to fly) 😀 Otherwise, you may start your own group buy. It is very easy, we keep track of all the numbers for you. 

We also have heater bundle promotions with AOS water filters. They are an excellent pairing to keep your tank water clean and prolong the life of your heater by 30%. Do check them out on our online store.

HDB installations supervised by Licensed Plumbers should cost at least $250. 

If you are doing a bundle deal with your ID or contractor, they may charge you less. If they are trusted installers, go for it. 

There have been many instances of one-off contractors installing heaters for $100+. Spring Singapore has repeatedly issued warnings about such unlicensed installers. The heater is a high wattage appliance. It is wise to keep safety as a priority over cost when making a decision.

Too much information? Here’s where to begin.

Easier for you to speak to an expert?