The Latest in Water Technology in Singapore

Electric Water Heaters

The reliable choice.
Exceptionally high durability.

Digital Water Heaters

Powerful energy savers that produce hot water on demand.

Heat Pump Water Heaters

Heats water by pulling environmental heat into the system.

Water Filters

Your defence against water borne impurities from entering your home.

Heat Pump- Energy Savings of Up to 70%!

This is done through an innovative design that draws ambient heat into the water heater. Highly efficient solution due to Singapore’s high ambient temperature.

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Smart Digital Storage Water Heaters

Digital water heaters have programmable technologies so Singapore homeowners can save energy and time.

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Latest in Water Heating Technology

 believes that technology can provide solutions.

 is passionate about making these new technologies available in Singapore.

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Unparalleled Technology Advancements In Water Heating Solutions

The Latest Water Heating Technology

Global research facilities operate 24 hours a day, around the world, putting A. O. Smith at the forefront of water heating technology.

Energy Saving Water Heaters

Water heaters are one of the highest energy consumers in households. AOS Bath brings in the most efficient water heating solutions for Singapore.

Heavy Duty Components

Other manufacturers make profits by using externally sourced components which fails after a year or two. All A. O. Smith components are made in house.

No OEM Manufacturers

Other manufacturers use OEM factories so they can give you cheaper products, but every A. O. Smith water heater is manufactured in-house.

3 Year Full Warranty

AOS Bath provides full warranties which cover both parts and labour. Not partial warranties. No more arguments, no surprise labor charges.

Patented Performance

Other heaters may look like A. O. Smith heaters but they don’t work the same way. A. O. Smith technologies are patented worldwide.

An inside look at the world’s largest water heater factory

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