Electric Storage Water Heaters vs Multi Point Water Heaters

What are the benefits and disadvantages of a storage heater and a multipoint water heater? Multipoint heaters are decreasing in popularity, but it is worth covering them as they are still sold in many hardware and bathroom shops. All data below are based on a typical HDB dwelling, Singaporean family of four.

Initial Cost

A 40-litre electric storage water heater goes for around $300. More advanced digital storage water heater models these days cost around $500, but for comparison, we will consider the most basic generation 1 models.
Multipoint heaters were once touted as being the most compact solution for HDB. It had the size of an instant heater, with the ability to supply up to two bathrooms. At the peak of their popularity, they sold for up to $450, but homeowners soon realised they could not perform up to expectations and they now sell for around $250.

Running Cost

Storage water heaters run at 3000 watts per hour.

Multipoint water heaters run at 4500 watts per hour.

Both these heaters are considered to run on the high side, with multipoint heaters consuming slightly more because of their higher wattage.

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Water Pressure

Multipoint heaters have a built-in pressure reducer. End users have reported a significant water pressure drop compared to the original PUB incoming supply. It is not advisable to install a rain shower. It is also difficult to take concurrent showers in two bathrooms because of the lower water pressure.

Storage heaters do not have any pressure reducers. They are the go-to option for 5-star hotels, where clients require steaming hot water and high water pressure.

Temperature Stability

I personally tested a multipoint heater at a friend’s place and already felt like it was running at its peak performance supplying hot water to just one bathroom. Turning on showers at both the master and common baths rendered it almost impossible to use as the water pressure drop caused the temperature to fluctuate wildly. My friend told me that both his wife and himself had to take much longer to get ready in the morning as they had to take turns using not only the showers, but ensure that basins were not used at the same time either.

Subsequently, the multipoint heater was replaced with a storage water heater and this solved all water pressure and temperature issues.

Unlimited Hot Water

The main benefit of an instant-type multi-point water heater is that you will get a continuous, unlimited stream of hot water.

Storage heaters have a limited run time. If you get a Generation 1 40-litre electric heater, expect your hot water to last you only 8 minutes. Most families in Singapore prefer the more advanced Generation 6 digital heater which can double up the run-time to 16 minutes with the same 40-litre size. Notice that the hot water run time is limited. Take a little time to do some research before deciding on a size. There are sizing guides available online, and they will save you many hours of inconvenience.


Multipoint heaters run on a higher wattage per hour and that is where the problems begin. The high wattage puts undue stress on the wiring and many homeowners have told us they experience power trips and electric wires melting.

In Singapore, we operate on a 230 Volt system. The special heater switch points supplied to us by HDB are usually rated 20A or Amperes, which is the unit of current passing through the switch.

A 3000 watt storage heater draws (3000W ÷ 230V) = 13.04A current
A 4500 watt multipoint heater draws (4500W ÷ 230V) = 19.56A current

19.56A current is very close to the limit of the switch at 20A. As such, the wires heat up to a greater degree and are subject to melting much more easily. This can be frustrating and expensive.


My choice is clear here, I would rather get a system that works well within its range rather than spend money and time fixing my home wiring. That said, there are some cases of extreme space constraint where one will not be able to use a storage heater.

If I were faced with that dilemma, I would rather go for instant water heaters in both bathrooms despite that costing me more. At least, I would not have to deal with repairs that often.

Storage heaters score 3.8/5.0 while multipoint heaters score 2.7/5.0 stars.

Multipoint heater review homeowner: https://myhdbrenovation.blogspot.sg/2010/10/bravo-bennington-instant-multi-point.html 

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