Smart Water Heaters for SAFRA

Smart Water Heaters for SAFRA

When SAFRA Yishun underwent a massive renovation in December 2016 to upgrade their facilities, we worked with them closely to create an easy-to-use, energy saving solution.

Problems clubhouses and businesses face

The issues that SAFRA has with their current set up aren’t too different from the shower room situations faced by many clubhouses, serviced apartments and fitness centers in Singapore.

At any given point in time, they are:

  1. Not sure which heaters are working until a customer lodges a complaint
  2. Not sure which cubicles have run out of hot water
  3. Cannot instantly attend to customer complaints of insufficient hot water
Smart Water Heaters for SAFRA

Because all their heaters are hidden above a false ceiling, this gives rise to a ‘black box’ situation where maintenance personnel have no idea what is going on or what they can do for their customers. There is no way to know which heaters are working, or which have insufficient hot water!

A. O. Smith heat pump water heaters

The heaters that SAFRA chose to solve their problem were A. O. Smith micro heat pump water heaters. These innovative systems employ the latest in green water heating technology, absorbing heat in the ambient air and transforming it to become useful hot water. They save 70% of electric costs and produce free cool air as a very welcome by-product. Find out more information about our Heat Pumps here.

Smart Water Heaters for SAFRA

Modified control panel

A. O. Smith micro heat pumps come with a neat control panel that may be detached from the body of the water heater and installed in a convenient position. Here is how they look in a residential setting:

Smart Water Heaters for SAFRA

SAFRA’s smart water heater command center

Replicating these modified panels for SAFRA gave them a really impressive outcome – a mini water heater control station. At a single glance, SAFRA can now tell:

  1. If water heaters are down and call for service quickly
  2. Which cubicles are out of hot water
Smart Water Heaters for SAFRA

Instant heat function

Heat pump water heaters also have a special ability to transform into super water heaters on days when the pool is experiencing overcapacity and shower rooms are overcrowded. This may happen during school holidays or peak periods.

Smart Water Heaters for SAFRA

At the touch of a button conveniently located on a panel, the water heater speeds up heating to give end users hot water in as quickly as 2 minutes! This is easily activated by SAFRA staff so they can now instantly attend to customer’s needs. No more complaints from users!

Smart Water Heaters for SAFRA

The end result?

SAFRA is now equipped with beautiful shower facilities which not only look good but work to their staff’s convenience. While water heaters fixed above the ceiling used to be a black box subject for them, they are now visible, energy efficient and easy to monitor.

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