Solar Water Heaters


The ultimate solar thermal solution.


The first solar solution for apartments.

A solar water heater installed in a roof.

How do solar heaters work?

In a solar heater, water is continually heated as it flows through solar collectors and back into the tank.

Solar heaters are not the same as PV panels

They both collect solar radiation but PV panels generate electricity. Solar heaters only heat water. The efficiency of PV panels are higher.

A field of solar panels.

Solar is free and renewable

In case of rainy or cloudy conditions, each solar systems comes with an electrical back up element.

Solar tubes perform better than flat panels

In Singapore where it is cloudy, use solar tubes over flat panels. The vacuum in tubes allows for a higher heat retention.

How many years can a solar water heater last?

A good solar heater should last you at least 15 years. It takes about 10 years for a family of 5 to to recoup the cost of a solar heater.

Frequently Asked Questions About Solar Water Heaters

Yes, solar water heaters can fit in landed homes in Singapore. They require a roof area. Typically, tanks are installed alongside solar collectors.

Most solar heater removals involve a crane, and this costs around $800.

You can save money by leaving the solar heater on the roof should you want to avoid these extra costs. Simply drain the water from the existing solar heater tank and install the new heater close by.

Yes, PV cells generate electricity that can help to offset the electric bills of the household. This includes your water heater.

Like a solar heater, it is ideal to have a roof to install PV cells.