Special Feature: M2 Decor

Renovating Soon? M2 Decor Can Help!

Moving into a new home or getting a renovation soon? We work with various interior designers from time to time and have grown to trust a few. Today, we would like to specially mention an interior design company – M2 Décor. We have collaborated with them often and they have also installed our heaters across their renovation projects.

After working with them for a several years, we can certainly say that M2 décor doesn’t simply design. Rather, they put in their 100% into your entire renovation journey, taking care that your home is installed with reliable fittings such as energy saving A. O. Smith heaters. Their holistic approach to design is why we would recommend them to readers who are currently thinking of renovating.

About M2 Décor

M2 décor has their own production and design team, allowing them to take full control of your renovation, ensuring that nothing goes wrong. They provide streamlined renovation services with in-house carpentry, electrical and plumbing, ceiling and partition, painting and general works.

We have seen them transform countless old and tired spaces into everyone’s dream home. Their honest and breath taking designs will definitely get you to pay them a visit sometime.

100% Reliable
M2 décor is a HDB Approved (HB-08-51786), BCA licensed  and RCMA accredited renovation firm. They have also attained bizSAFE Level 3, having staff that have passed the courses for bizSAFE level 1 and 2.

A Trusted Choice
A company that has achieved the CaseTrust certification, M2 Décor only qualifies businesses that have good sales practices and standards. Furthermore, they emerged top in Singapore’s “Best 14 trusted Interior Design Companies in Singapore”.

Some AOS Bath and M2 Decor Collaborations..

Tanamera Crest Condominium

Are you one of those that despises mess and wants your home to look organised and spacious? If yes, then this one is for you.

Focussing on calm and contemporary themes, this design is a perfect fit for anyone that prefers urban living and their homes to have a clean look. This is definitely a popular choice to consider when renovating.

AO. Smith heaters: Energy Saving 80 lit Micro Heat Pumps

Bullion Park Residences

A scandinavian island zen aesthetic which focuses on simplicity and functionality. Minimalists, this is for you! Zen designs emphasise the use of natural materials, light and space. This makes it a great design for anyone who likes to stay neat and organised.

A. O. Smith heaters: 50 lit digital Water Heater, shared between two baths and a kitchen

Telok Blangah Parcview BTO

Working with modern marble sleek and clean industrialist aesthetic, this industrial based design showcases furniture that has a look of exposed brick or metal. Certainly a feature that makes your home look unique and unlike any other!

A. O. Smith heaters: 40 lit digital Water Heater, shared between two baths

A. O. Smith heaters: 40 lit digital Water Heater, shared between two baths

Planning Your Dream Home?

M2 décor is an interior designer that will never fail to make your dream home a reality. Interestingly, their office is situated just one level above their workshop, making it easy for them to balance both onsite and offsite duties and tasks extremely well. Their close knit team never fails to keep everything under control, making sure to always provide their customers with the best care.

If you’re on the hunt for an interior designer.. Look no further. Get your home fit out with quality recommendations such as lighting fast hot water systems that can deliver invigorating showers to you in one second and have them perfectly integrated and installed with a trusted team like M2 décor.



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