Storage vs. Digital vs. Heat Pumps

Storage vs. Digital vs. Heat Pumps

What’s the difference?

What’s the difference between Gen 1, Gen 6 and Gen 8? Their technology.
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Storage vs. Digital vs. Heat Pumps

What are the Group A Technologies?

Group A technologies are basic durability technologies. They are the pre-requisites to build a heavy-duty, heating machine. Every AOS water heater builds upon these technologies.

Blue Diamond tank: This special tank lining formula allows AOS tanks to last for over 10 years. The average lifespan of a water heater in Singapore is 5 years.

Blue Diamond element: These patented elements are anti-scale and anti-corrosion. They operate at high efficiency even after 10 years of use.

Low-disruption inlet: These inlets prevent high incoming water pressure from creating turbulence in the tank. This allows you to get a steady flow of hot water.

High density insulation: Other brands use 2cm of styrofoam. AOS uses 2 inches of high density expanding foam that leaves no air spaces in the heater jacket. This allows AOS heaters to conserve heat like a thermos flask. Less reheating means more money saved for you.


What are the Group B Technologies?

Group B technologies are digital technologies. With a control panel, you can tell how much hot water is inside your heater and control the way it heats.


Instant heating: Back from a vacation and need a shower right away? Gen 1 heaters make you wait 20min, but get hot water in only 2 minutes with a Gen 6 heater.

Built-in timer: Do you often forget to switch off your water heater? Timers can help to power off your heater when not in use.

MAX heating: In the past, Gen 1 electric heaters could only give you 2 showers. Now, digital heaters Gen 6 or Gen 8 can give you more hot water, up 4 to 6 showers.


What are the Group C Technologies?

Group C technologies harness renewable energy to save heating costs.


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Heat pumps: Heat pumps are innovative systems that use free heat from the ambient air to heat up water. They save up to 80% or $600 a year compared to Gen 1 electric heaters.

Automatic timer (AES): No programming required. Your heater goes into energy saving mode when not in use.

Which heater to get?

Which heater should you get?
It all boils down to how much water you need. For information on which heater size is good for your family, check out our Heater Sizing Guide


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