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Facing Gas Heater Challenges?

We've identified 3 common concerns that homeowners in Singapore may encounter with their gas heaters, along with potential solutions.

1. Gas heaters have low water pressure


Why does this only happen in Singapore and not overseas?

In many other countries, gas heaters typically run on natural gas and employ advanced technology. In contrast, gas heaters in Singapore utilise town gas, which has a smaller market presence. Consequently, gas heaters in Singapore tend to have less sophisticated technology and lower performance levels.

Here is an example:

Town Gas Heater (Singapore)

Natural Gas Heater (overseas)

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Low water pressure results in cold-hot-cold temperature. Why?

Water heaters fall into two categories:
  1. Instant heaters, which are pressure reducing
  2. Storage heaters which are non-pressure reducing

Gas heaters in Singapore are generally categorised as instant heaters, which reduce water pressure.

When using an instant gas heater, fluctuations in water temperature can occur. For instance, if someone in the kitchen turns on the hot water while you are showering, both of you will experience a drop in hot water pressure.

➡️ A drop in hot water pressure will cause your shower to get colder.

➡️ When another hot water source like the kitchen tap gets turned off, hot water pressure increases and your shower gets hotter.

A typical household has several hot water users. If someone is using the kitchen or another bathroom at the same time, these hot water pressure changes will cause the cold-hot-cold temperature fluctuations.


To address this issue, consider replacing your gas heater with a storage heater, which provides higher water pressure and greater temperature stability.

2. Excessive Cold Water Wastage

Gas heaters often require installation at a distance from indoor areas due to safety concerns related to gas leaks. 

As a result, it takes a considerable amount of time for the hot water to reach the shower head. This means that you need to run the cold water out of the pipes before hot water finally reaches you. 

gas heater review


Shift your heater indoors, closer to the shower point. Note that relocating your water heater while you are living in the house can be both messy and costly. It is advisable to do this if you are planning to do a renovation. 

3. Gas heaters are expensive

The price of a gas heater ranges from $180 to $1800. It is advisable for owners not go for the cheapest model unless they are single users as the water pressure is lower. The higher the price, the better the water pressure.


One way to bring down your cost is by switching to a storage heater. Storage heaters have been around for longer, and their widespread use has brought its average cost down. 

This transition is a practical and cost-effective alternative that may help you avoid substantial upfront expenses. Here’s how to get it done: How to convert gas to storage heater.

In conclusion..

As water heater specialists, we offer both gas and electric options in the international market

With this knowledge, we aim to provide you with a balanced perspective on the operation of both types of heaters in Singapore.

I hope you found the potential solutions for addressing these challenges useful! 

Gas Heater FAQ

The operational costs of gas heaters are comparable to those of electric heaters. Substantial savings become evident when using renewable energy heaters, such as:

A comparison on energy saving water heaters may be found here.

Installing a pressure pump in your home may increase your water pressure but this is not legal in Singapore. This is because a pressure pump can draw water pressure away from your neighbours.

If all your neighbours are experiencing water pressure problems, it is advisable to contact your Town Council or MCST for a better solution.

Yes, we specialise in water heater conversion services. Slide us a DM for more information. 

WhatsApp us at 87682661.

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