Best Water Heaters for HDB, Condo and Landed

Top Water Heaters for HDB

Trying hard to get plenty of hot water for a small bathroom space? High technology digital heaters can produce two times the volume of hot water for the same tank size, saving you space.

Best Water Heaters for Landed

As a landed home owner, your water usage is usually higher. At AOS, we carry high performance hot water systems. If your concern is going green, explore the popular renewable energy range.

Hot Water Dispensers

Tired of manually boiling water from the kettle? Conveniently get hot water for your coffee or tea from a sleek, touch screen LED hot water faucet dispenser instead.

Water Filters Keep Your Water Clean

Sediment Pre-Filters

Pre-Filters remove sediments from your incoming water supply. Prolong the life of your water heater with these zero maintenance water filters.

Chlorine Water Heaters

We consume chlorine when we drink our tap water and absorb it into our skin when we shower. ⁣Get rid of chlorine in your water supply once and for all.

Commercial Sediment Filters

Need sediment filtration for an entire building or good class bungalow? Our commercial sediment filters will sustain a higher flow rate for large areas.

How Can Filters Keep Your Water Clean?

How To Get Clean and Safe, Hot Water?

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