How do you identify real technologies?

In Singapore and many parts of Asia, the water technology market is flooded with low cost, low technology products, all claiming to be the best in their league.

Do good products still exist?

In the good old days, our purchases could last 10 years! Now to find items like these, we need to do some research! Those seeking truly good products must look past fancy brochures, celebrity endorsements, to get unbiased reviews and facts. 

Struggling with an information overload?

You will also need to sieve through an ocean of information from layman forums and unregulated resources.

Heaters are usually concealed above the ceiling so a majority of homeowners do not even know what heater they are using.

Full day training courses at the A. O. Smith factory.

But good technologies should not be difficult to explain.

At AOS Bath, we specialize in keeping it simple. We do the research for homeowners in Singapore and present our findings in a simple format.

Knowledge empowers you!

Which is why we encourage you to read widely and make an informed choice. You should be empowered with knowledge to make decisions on your own.

Most people don’t know the real technology behind the water purifiers they buy

Robert J. O’Toole Global Engineering Centre, one of the international R&D labs in A. O. Smith.

We source technology from the best.

We are constantly sourcing for innovative and relevant technologies to bring back to Singapore. Currently, we are distributors of A. O. Smith, the #1 water technology company in USA. 

What are A. O. Smith’s strengths?

Today, A. O. Smith is currently the top brand for water heaters and residential water filters in both the United States and China, the two largest consumer markets worldwide.

We select only the most ideal products from A. O. Smith for Singapore.

The AOS Bath team!

What can you expect from us?

At AOS Bath, we are constantly experimenting with the latest and newest in water technologies. Expect unbiased research from our blog, exciting new tech developments and a reliable product range you can choose from. All this, so everyone can Bring Amazing Technology Home.