Sole Distributors for A. O. Smith Water Heaters

AOS Bath is the sole distributor of A. O. Smith Water Heaters in Singapore. A. O. Smith is the #1 water heater company in USA and has been established for 145 years.

We select only the most advanced, patented technologies for Singapore.

Water Heater Specialists

We carry water heaters for two uses:

  1. water heaters for showering
  2. hot water dispensers for the kitchen

These are high performance and high efficiency systems.

Empowering Homeowners With Knowledge

We spend most of our time working with homeowners. Our expertise is identifying technologies relevant to their pain points and presenting them in a format that is easy for a layman to understand.

We are passionate about empowering people to make decisions on their own.

Making Technology Easy To Understand

AOS conducts frequent educational training sessions with homeowners, architects, consultants and businesses.

Our hot water systems are also supplied to clubs, hotels, hospitals and self-run organisations such as Resort World Sentosa, Haidilao, Nanyang Technological University and Universal Studios.

Bring Amazing Technology Home

At AOS Bath, we are constantly experimenting with the latest and newest in water technologies.

Expect unbiased research from our blog and exciting new technologies. We ensure everyone can Bring Amazing Technology Home.