About AOS Bath Singapore

In Singapore and certain parts of Asia, water heaters we have been using for the last three decades have seen almost no technological improvement.

In the interest of providing cheaper products, many retailers bring in the lowest technology for home owners.

In Europe and other more environmentally conscious countries,
home owners have access to the latest energy saving technologies.

The latest water heating technology explained at ISH, Messe Frankfurt, Germany – The world’s leading trade fair for water and energy.

Water heaters are one of the highest consumers of energy in a household. You could save up to $600 a year if you choose the right heater.

Many home owners do not know this, so the selection of the most suitable heater often falls to contractors. Contractors often select the cheapest heaters with the lowest technology.

Heaters are usually concealed above the ceiling so a majority of homeowners do not even know what heater they are using.

How a water heater works: now simplified.

AOS Bath is a water heater specialist that believes in empowering homeowners with knowledge and choice. You no longer have to buy obsolete technology.

We are also the first company in Singapore to bring in this cutting edge water technology so that you are no longer limited to what contractors want to sell.

AOS Bath is the sole distributor of A. O. Smith, the largest and most technologically advanced water heater manufacturer in the world.

We are passionate about demystifying the inner workings of a water heater so you will know exactly what you are paying for and understand how it saves the earth.

Robert J. O’Toole Global Engineering Centre, one of the international R&D labs in A. O. Smith.