A. O. Smith Gen 6 Digital Water Heater

The first digital water heater in Singapore.

A powerful solution that saves energy and produces hot water on demand.

Starting at $695

Gen 6 Digital Water Heater.

Your control panel

At a single glance, the control panel tells you the real time quantity of hot water in the heater tank.

Use the panel to program your water heater according to your family’s needs. Reduce your thermostat to the recommended 50ºC to save energy.

WHY 50ºC? >

Put your heater in the right mode.

Regular electric heaters only have a standard mode, which supports two back to back showers.

Digital heaters can be programmed to heat for a single shower or they can be switched to multiple mode which caters for up to four back to back showers.


Want instant hot water? Right away.

A. O. Smith digital heaters are the only systems equipped with the heating technology to perform like instant heaters.

At the touch of a button, get hot water from a 100% cold tank in a mere 2 minutes.


Built-in Timer

Want your heater to preheat water for you at 6am in the morning? Set a timer.


Number 1 water heater in USA

A. O. Smith is America’s top water heater due to their successful manufacturing process of Blue Diamond tanks that can last at least 10 years. Today, they are the largest water heater manufacturer worldwide.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can my heater be fixed by the ID or plumber?

Water heaters are a straightforward installation. As long as they are fixed according to the manual, the warranty of the systems will be intact. We’ll even pass your ID an installation guide with pictures on request.

In most cases, installation is priced separately so as to give you an open option.

Installation starts at $270


What is the warranty like?

AOSBath provides the longest full onsite warranty for water heaters in Singapore.

This an all-in warranty and not a partial warranty. The warranty covers three years of transport, parts, and labour.


Can I replace my heater switch with a digital control panel?

For the digital heater to be correctly installed according to safety standards in Singapore, both the heater switch and panel must be installed. The digital panel wire (green line) is separate from the power cable (orange line).

Where should the panel be fixed?

The digital panel runs from a special data cable from the heater tank. It is moisture resistant and usually fixed close to the heater tank in the bathroom.

The heater power switch (provided by HDB or developer) remains in its default location, outside the bathroom. This is the main on/off control.

Setting the Panel

Recommended Mode


Recommended Temperature

Showers: 50ºC
Bathtubs: 65ºC


Do not set below 50ºC. Why?

Panel Guide

For Installers – Video Guides and Diagrams

Control Panel Wiring (Panel)
Control Panel Wiring (Tank)

Product Specifications

Power (kW)3.0
Voltage/frequency (V/Hz)220~230 / 50
Temperature range (°C)35 – 75 ± 5
Rated water pressure (MPa)0.8
Waterproof gradeIPX4
Gen 6 water heaters wiring specification and illustration.
Gen 6 Water Heater wall mount illustrations.
SIZELength (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Weight (kg)
40 lit71839539519
50 lit83839539521
80 lit86346346331
100 lit102846346335