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The New Revolutionary Tankless Water Heater That Saves Space. So Sleek, You Won't Even Notice it is There.

Sits Close to the BTO Light Box, Hiding all Unsightly Pipes, Valves and Tubes!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a water heater that produces hot water for you on demand, all while remaining magically out of sight? 

If you want such a solution, the BathBox is the closest thing you can get to an invisible water heater! You’ll barely even notice it is there because it is tankless. 

The BathBox is small and slim.. It serves as a neat little cabinet where all the pipework, wires, tubes.. (you name it) are safely hidden from sight and mind. 

Are You Worried Your Heater Will Block Your Bathroom Light?

Are you also worried your heater may block your door opening and closing?

These are just some of the most common space problems we all face when installing water heaters. Finding a space where it won’t be in the way of our permanent fixtures!

The Tankless BathBox Solves It All For You! 

The BathBox is slim enough to fit above your BTO beam. It is designed specifically to safely clear your door, even when it opens to the full 90º. You should NEVER have to worry about your door hitting your water heater.  

Perhaps You Don't Like the Idea of a Large Water Tank Directly Above Your Toilet

If your bathroom is small, your options are running out. If the layout won’t allow you to fit a heater on the beam, there may be just one other option left.. above the toilet. 

Now, not all of us are used to large tanks just above us. In private homes where heaters are hidden in the false ceiling, this isn’t really a problem. However, HDB dwellers need to seriously consider how this looks.

Most people solve this problem by compromising and getting a smaller heater tank. But this causes them to run out of hot water often. 

This Why the Tankless BathBox is the Perfect Solution! 

Do You Dream of Getting an Energy Saving Heater Without Burning a Hole in Your Pocket?

When I got my first home, I was on a shoestring budget. All I really needed was a simple heating solution that wouldn’t let me down. Something that wouldn’t cost too much up front, and wouldn’t cost too much to run and maintain. 

A digital heater like the Gen 6 was in a good price range, but I wanted something that would be good for the environment. 

As technology was not yet up to speed back then, I ended up paying a lot for a reliable system for my larger than average family of 5. It was a heat pump, a renewable system that runs at 80% efficiency, but that set me back close to $3000. 

Thankfully, in our advanced age with AI and countless tech developments.. Tankless heaters have reached a new high in performance. You can now get access to a 30% efficient water heater at a fraction of the price of a heat pump! 

How do You Get Those Crazy 30% Savings with the BathBox?

At AOS Bath, we tell you exactly how to use your water to max out your savings. With the Gen 6, we specially created a 1 page guide.. Specifically recommending you shift down the default temperature setting from 70ºC to 50ºC for Singaporean users. This will help you save that extra 10%, more than a storage heater. 

With the BathBox, save yourself the need to toggle with your temperature settings – it is all automated. The savings come from the reduction in heat loss of a tankless system. 

Check out this NEA site on making our home more Energy Efficient. You can save an additional $124 a year by switching off the storage water heater after use. That’s $124 you would have lost to heat loss!!! Now, that’s why you are saving so much with a BathBox! 

The BathBox is NOT an Instant Heater

It’s easy to confuse the BathBox with the small instant heaters we are so familiar with in Singapore… But the BathBox is NOT an instant heater. 

Instant heaters have low water pressure which means you can only use the shower heads pre-packaged inside the instant heater box.

With the BathBox, you are free to choose the shower head or even rain shower you want to use. You only need to make sure your shower is 2 ticks and above. Of course, the more ticks, the better for your water saving! 

You won’t have to compromise on water pressure or sustainability with the wide range of eco-friendly showers available these days. 

Important Difference: Instant Heaters are Located Right Next to Your Shower Point, the BathBox is Not.

The location of the BathBox is far away from the shower area, in the dry area of your bathroom. 

Unlike an instant heater, your shower water will not easily come into direct contact with the water heater. The risk of electrocution is low

In addition, the BathBox comes with an extra layer of safety, in the form of an in-built Earth-Leakage Circuit Breaker (ELCB). The ELCB protects water heater users against electric shock hazards. 

It is also much more sensitive than the Main Circuit Breaker (MCB) installed close to your main door. Any trips will be isolated at your heater, and won’t trip up your whole house. 

Control Your Shower Temperature Easily, At the Shower Mixer.

No complicated controls and systems to program. You don’t have to download an app, no need to set up WiFi. 

The BathBox is plug and play at its finest. It’s completely fuss free. Just fix it and use it normally at your shower mixer. 

If you prefer warmer showers, move your lever to the hot side. On a particularly sweltering hot day, a cooler shower may be more refreshing!

Does the Tankless BathBox Have Limitations?

Sure it does, all heaters have their limitations and the BathBox is no different.

The BathBox can serve only one shower at a time. If any one else is using hot water at the same time, you will feel your water pressure reduce. 

If you’re planning to take showers one at a time, it’s fine. But if you happen to turn on the hot water at the same time, expect a pressure drop. 

The good news is, chances are incredibly low for two people to turn on the shower mixer at exactly the same time. Unless you have a habit of taking a really looooong time in the shower. 

BathBox is Powered by Stiebel Eltron, the #1 Tankless Water Heater Supplier in the World

You don’t just buy a water heater made by any one. So we went to seek out the best Tankless Water Heater suppliers in the world. Established in 1924 in Berlin, Stiebel has over 100 years of experience with tankless water heaters globally.

The company was founded by Dr. Theodor Stiebel, a gifted innovator who first launched his water heaters with patented immersion technology at Leipzig, Germany. By 1960, they had a mind boggling 160 patents in Germany and world wide. 

Here’s a record of what one of Dr. Stiebel’s earliest patents looked like. These incredible invention of the Miniature Immersion Heaters with Watertight Enclosed Handles have shaped the build and performance of all Tankless Heaters today! 

Stiebel guards this tradition of innovation and excellence with strict internal controls. All processes remain under German control and supervision. 

Everyone wants to be 'German', but are They Truly German??

We’ve been in the industry long enough to see everyone slapping ‘German Technology’ or ‘Product of Germany’ stickers on water heaters, fans, cars… the list goes on!

Why this obsession with Germany? It’s because German made products are unrivalled in terms of precision and durability. They’re a solid build. You can rely on them to work faithfully for many years. 

What gets me annoyed are those who claim to be German but are totally not. Check out this fake label here. It’s on a water heater that isn’t even remotely German. Nothing about this product is German, not the factory, not the founder, not the employees. It’s just a sticker selling you a blatant lie. 

Beware of scams like that. I find it very hard to trust products like these so I always google the brand just to be sure. 

We Found Out What its Like to Work With German People.. And We Love it.

We aren’t about to personally guarantee these water heaters with our 3-Year AOS Bath Full Warranty until we did a complete background check on Stiebel and their facilities at their factory in Thailand, which is the closest to Singapore. We liked what we saw. 

The Germans will gladly take on the most detailed and difficult questions. They say what they mean, deliver on promises and are not afraid to tell you upfront if they cannot meet a requirement. Their hands-on attitude and technical know-how are assuring.  

It is a pity we couldn’t take any pictures of their production line. The Export Manager was glad to give us a personal tour. He walked by rows of neat and organised assembly lines, able to name the specific model and country of export of any product by sight. 

At their test labs, he met up with a team of Thai nationals and immediately broke out in flawless Thai. Later, we found he’s been living here for 20 years, personally overseeing every need of the regional market. That was impressive. 

I hope You Can Now See Why I'm so Excited to Share This New Tankless Technology!

It’s a speed heater, which frees up your time for the more important things in life.

It’s an energy saver, one of the best investments in our inflationary environment with rising electricity costs. 

But the winning point has to be its sleek and minimalist design, blending into the tiniest bathrooms with no trace of exposed pipework. It’s a designer’s dream come true. 

Roy Had a Huge Space Problem..

His wife wanted a bathroom with a concealed look and feel, but their layout was hard to work with and the interior designer had exhausted ALL options. 

Roy was at his wits end when he gave us a call. He was looking for ANY solution that could deliver the kind of hot water temperatures that could give him a refreshing hot shower. 

The heater also had to be worry free, cost almost nothing to maintain and have a lifespan of around 10 years. 

Basically, a fuss-free solution that they could fix and forget

The BathBox met his needs exactly, and I hope it will do the same for you! 

Product Specifications

Size (L x W x H)450 x 120 x 400 mm
Heater switch20A
Min water pressure0.018 Mpa (0.18 bar)
Max water pressure 1 Mpa (10 bar)
Tank TypeCopper
Splashproof ratingIP25
Energy Efficiency30%
Water connection1/2"
Weight 8.5kg