A. O. Smith Gen 1 Electric Water Heater

The average heater in Singapore lasts 5 years. AOS heaters perform well over 10 years.


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Blue Diamond Tanks

The secret tank formula that makes A. O. Smith the top water heater in USA is known to only seven people worldwide.

The formula was discovered in the 1920s after five thousand research attempts.


Blue Diamond Elements

So advanced was the manufacturing technique used to fuse the Blue Diamond into steel that the process could be replicated on heating elements too.

Today, A. O. Smith remains the only company which can successfully coat heating elements to effectively reduce corrosion.


100% fully-owned robotic plants

To maintain high quality control, A. O. Smith Corporation fully owns every of their 21 plants worldwide. They are the only manufacturer with the technology to employ robotics over 95% of their production line.

Established in 1874

A. O. Smith Corporation has led the industry in the development of advanced automated technology, manufacturing car frames for Ford and Cadillac in the 1900s. The consistency of their processes have been unparalleled in the last 100 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I control my heater temperature?

Yes, you can adjust the temperature with controls on the right side of the tank. Set temperatures will range around 60 to 70ºC.

Temperature setting for this model is an estimate as there are no markings on the knob.

What is the warranty like?

AosBath provides the longest full onsite warranty for water heaters in Singapore. This an all-charges-in type of warranty and not a partial warranty. The warranty will cover you for three years on transport, parts, and labour.


What is the most popular size?

The most popular size is the 40 liter heater, but this depends on how much water you use.

40 liters will give you about 8 minutes of running water. Split between two bathrooms, you get 4 mins of running hot water time each.


Is the temperature gauge accurate?

This gauge is not marked or calibrated and only shows an approximate reading of whether there is hot or cold water in the tank.

How to use the heater?

Residential daily use
  • Fixed operating temperature of 70ºC
  • Switch on 15 min before use
  • Power off after use


Product Specifications

Rated volume (L)30405080100
Power (kW)
Voltage/frequency (V/Hz)230~/50230~/50230~/50230~/50230~/50
Temperature range (°C)35 – 75 ± 535 – 75 ± 535 – 75 ± 535 – 75 ± 535 – 75 ± 5
Rated water pressure (MPa)
Inlet/outlet connection (inches)½½½½½
Waterproof gradeIPX4IPX4IPX4IPX4IPX4
Net weight (kg)1719213135

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