Setting the Clock and Timer


If you are using a timer, you must leave the main heater switch on.

Do you need to set a timer?

It is best to switch your water heater off after use. If you can’t remember to do that, you may want to use a timer.

You can set up to two timers. One for the morning, another for the evening.

Setting the clock

Set the clock timing before you start setting the timers.

Setting the timers

When the clock timing is set, you may proceed to set your first timer. Usual peak shower periods vary but are commonly set for one-hour intervals.

Timer setting range:

Timer 1: 21:00(pm) to 08:00(am)
Timer 2: free range

If you would like to set your timer out of the timer 1 range, please contact us and we will be glad to advise you.

At any time, press the ‘program’ key to toggle between turning on only ‘timer 1’, only ‘timer 2’, both timers or to turn off all timers.

Other water heater models

The control panel used for this tutorial is for the Gen 6 Digital Heaters. For other water heater variations, the concept remains the same. Clock settings and the timer are adjusted with the ‘program’ button. See below for more detailed control panel diagrams.

For micro heat pumps (HPW)

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during the non-timer period?

During the non-timer period, the heating elements are not activated. Remaining hot water in the tank keeps warm by insulation.

The 5-bar indicator on the control panel shows you how much hot water remains.
More: How is the timer affected on ‘standard’, ‘single’ and ‘multiple’ mode?

Should you need hot water and have more than 3 green bars, press the ‘instant’ button. Depending on the heater’s speed heat capability, you will get hot water in a few minutes.

The ‘instant’ button is an override button. It will work even during the non-timer period to give you enough hot water for one shower.

If you plan to have your first shower at 6am, set the timer to 6am. The heater activates 30 minutes before your timer begins running.

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