Chlorine Filter

$1,685.00 Inc. GST

Whole House Central Chlorine Filter Reduces 97% of chlorine taste and odours from the entire home water supply for six years.

✅ Improved water taste and odour

✅ Supports households of 6 or more people

✅ Two-thirds of chlorine in our bodies come from water contact

✅ Improved skin and hair softness

✅ Breathe better air



Chlorine Filter FAQ

Where should the chlorine filter be installed?

The central filter should be installed on the incoming pipe after the water meter. It may be installed outdoors.

The exterior of the filtration system can be cleaned with warm soapy water. Rinse well with fresh, clean water. Do not use chemical cleaning products on the surface.

There is no need to change any other parts. The central water filter lasts 6 years or 2.2 million liters.

Pairing a pre filter with the chlorine filter will prolong the life of the latter.

A pre filter prevents large particles from entering your central water filter and the sediments it collects can be flushed out periodically.


Height (cm)68
Diameter (cm)22
Filtration rate (lit/min)26.5
Filter life6 years or 2.2 million lit
Incoming water temp (ºC)5 – 35
Weight (kg)12.2