Repair Your Heater – 6 Things to Know: A Singaporean Homeowner’s Guide

Leaking Heater troubles?

Are you seeing wet patches on your false ceiling?

Has your heater suddenly stopped producing hot water?

Before you jump into a repair decision, here are 6 crucial things every homeowner needs to know about repairing water heaters.

1. Repair Costs are High in Singapore

In Singapore, labor costs for repairs are high.

If your water heater is no longer under warranty, it might not always be financially prudent to repair it.

Consider investing in a heater with a long local onsite warranty to cover repairs during this period.

Go for repairs if only it is a minor fault. 

2. Only Repair Minor Faults

Understand what qualifies as a minor fault.

Minor faults are:

  • External wiring issues
  • Isolated wire melts
  • Thermostat trips that just need a reset

Major faults are:

  • Heater leaks
  • Frequent repairs, anything more than 2 faults 

Don’t jump into a repair unless the issue is genuinely minor.

This will save you unnecessary expenses.

3. Only Repair New Heaters

Quality matters.

A good water heater can work smoothly for over a decade without needing a single repair.

If you find yourself fixing small parts frequently, consider upgrading to a more reliable brand.

Better brands do not need constant repairs and ensure long-term satisfaction.

This will also save your precious time. 

4. Engage the Right Repair Specialist

Opting for a specialist can save you money. Don’t just get anyone to do the job. 

A great tip is to go back to the authorised brand distributor to avoid unnecessary expenses.

These specialists sometimes have the expertise to access heaters in false ceilings without additional ceiling works.

If you’re unfamiliar, read reviews on google to get a better understanding of a company’s service. 

5. Repairable vs. Non-Repairable Components

Know what can and cannot be repaired in a water heater.

Familiarise yourself with the list of repairable items to make informed decisions.

Understanding the limitations will guide you in deciding whether a repair is feasible or if a replacement is necessary.


  • Circuit board
  • Heating element
  • Thermostat
  • Relief valve
  • Wiring


  • Inner tank
  • Inlet
  • Outlet
  • Heater jacket 

6. Your Warranty Provider Matters

Your warranty provider plays a significant role.

There are companies who prioritise customer satisfaction.

Even if your warranty is over, some provide support and troubleshooting assistance over the phone.

There are also warranty providers who do not offer phone support. Instead, they charge a flat service fee for onsite inspection. 


Making informed decisions about water heater repairs is crucial for homeowners in Singapore.

Consider the cost, identify minor faults, prioritise quality, choose the right people to work with, understand repairable components, and value your warranty provider.

By following these insights, you can navigate water heater issues effectively and make decisions that benefit your home and your wallet!


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FAQ About Heater Repairs

What should I do if my water heater is leaking?

If you have a leaking water heater, it is advisable to get it fixed as soon as possible. The leak starts off slow at first but will eventually get worse. Even a small quantity of water can cause a large amount of damage to your false ceiling.

Unlike a contractor or plumber, a water heater specialist only deals with water heaters and thus, has more specialised experience with the pipes, drainage and water pressure related to it. You can expect higher standards and proficiency, especially when it comes to choosing the right heater for your family, false ceiling works and water pressure. A general plumber is not necessarily proficient in these detailed aspects of the water heater and its related components.

Heater trips may occur because one of the safety features have failed, or the heating element may be faulty, causing a short circuit.

The quality of the water heater components is important. If they are not well tested, you may find your heater breaking down every 1 to 2 years and having to continually pay a service charge to get the system fixed.

There are different types of leaks

If heater is dripping from the relief valve: 
A relief valve that is in normal working condition should drip tiny droplets of water. If the heater is positioned in a dry portion of the bathroom, a tube should be attached from the valve to the heater for proper drainage. If the tube has fallen out, reconnect it.

Stream of water from relief valve:
A relief valve should drip but if it emits a stream of water, something is wrong. Power off your heater and contact us immediately.

Leak from heater inlet and outlet:
This may indicate a leak from the internal tank. If this is so, the heater may have to be replaced.

Leak from heater pipes:
If the leak appears to be coming from the pipes, the pipes need to be re-tightened. In this situation, contact your heater installer.



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