Shocking Secrets of Solar Heaters.. Revealed!

Picture this.. You get home to an $8000 renewable energy solar heater you just invested in..

Sure, it was a hefty price tag but the sales people promised it could supply all the hot water you needed. What’s more, you would expect massive energy savings and hope to break even in a mere few years..

But here are some secrets that homeowners only find out about several years later, when it is too late.

What you about to read here will shock you.

Just because a solar heater cost you a whopping $8000 does not mean it will work like advertised.

And I’m about to tell you why.

Almost 50% of the year, Singapore’s weather is rainy and Solar Heaters do not work reliably under these conditions.

Smog from neighboring countries causes haze and blocks out the sun. When this happens, Solar Heater efficiency drops.

You waste time and electricity whenever you run out of hot water and need to switch on the electric element.

Even though we carry Solar Heaters, we must say they don’t seem so attractive now.

Are you Surprised?

Actually, so were we!

This is something no solar heater company will tell you, but we will, because we have a moral obligation to do so.

As water heater specialists, we have a range of solar water heaters too but the feedback we’ve gotten over the last few years has been nothing short of alarming.

We know of homeowners who are forced to spend and pay extra $$ on large over sized tanks

Why oversized tanks? It is because solar water heaters heat up slowly. A huge tank serves as a kind of insurance that you don’t run out of hot water that quickly. But the downside is that the home owner has to cough up a lot of upfront cash, for a tank size that is usually 200% to 300% more than what is required for the family.

We have seen ‘solar energy savers’ transform into major ‘energy guzzlers’, especially on rainy days.

Rain translates to bad news for solar water heater owners. Now, your solar heater just won’t perform. So what happens next? You switch on the power for the heating element and suddenly, your renewable energy solar heater transforms into a mega power consumer that will wipe out whatever savings you had over the last 6 months in a single day.

That’s just some of the feedback we’ve gathered from solar heater owners. Mind you, they’ve not even begun to mention how expensive solar heaters are to maintain. If you have a solar heater, answer this honestly – when’s the last time you got someone to wipe the grime off your panels? If your answer is never, it is likely that your heater is already performing at a significantly lower efficiency.

What then, is a good heater for Singapore’s climate?

As your trusted water heater specialists, we suggest you start studying this type of green energy water heater that works so much better in Singapore’s tropical climate – Heat Pumps. 

Heat Pumps ensure you never have to pay full price for heating bills again.

Like solar heaters, heat pumps are renewable energy systems. But instead of using free heat from the sun, these ingenious heating systems use free heat from the ambient air. In our hot, tropical climate, we have an unlimited source of heat in the air to spare.

More about what heat pumps can do for you..

Heat Pumps can operate 24/7, as long the ambient temperature is above 15 degrees Celsius.

Heat Pumps save up to 80% of energy. Solar only saves around 50%.

Heat Pumps are 3X more efficient than electric heaters. The smallest one can save up to $600 per year.

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It truly is that simple.

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