5 Ways Digital Heaters Save Time and Money

Digital heaters are becoming the most popular choice among homeowners in Singapore, and it is not difficult to see why. Here are 5 ways heating technology has progressed to make our lives more efficient and convenient.

1. The ‘Multiple Mode’

This mode is great for large families who take back to back showers often. The digital heater tank is designed for 200% heating efficiency. This means the same sized tank can now produce 2 times more hot water than a conventional electric heater. Save time and say goodbye to waiting 15 minutes in-between each shower.

2. The ‘Half Tank Mode’

Are there some times where there is only one person at home? This single mode is good for single users or families who go on vacations often. Digital heaters have a split-tank function, where users can program only 50% of the water in a tank to be heated, saving precious energy when there is only one member of the family at home.

3. Reduce your thermostat temperature to save energy

Conventional electric heaters don’t give users the option of controlling tank’s set temperature, and they all heat up to 70 degrees. Digital heaters come with a control panel which allows users to adjust the internal tank temperature lower (recommended 50 degrees, not lower. Why 50 degrees?). A lower temperature means less heat loss to the environment, more energy saved, and lower heating bills.


4. Hot water indicator

Digital heaters come with a control panel and a red/orange/green indicator showing how much hot water you have left. Red indicates the hottest water, green the coldest.

As long as you have 3 red bars and above, you can go in for a shower immediately, saving you time. You no longer have to wait for water to heat up before your bath.


5. Instant hot water and good water pressure

Just returned home from a vacation and have a tank full of cold water as all the power in the house has been switched off? Do you need a shower immediately?

In the past, getting a hot shower from a completely cold tank would mean a 20 minute wait. However, digital heaters come equipped with a speed heating technology where users can get hot water immediately at the touch of a button.

The ‘instant’ feature does not consume more electricity. Instead, modern technology simply ‘pushes’ all pockets of hot water in the tank to the user quickly. This is another favourite function for frequent travelers.

Technology can save you time and money! 

We’ve just listed the top 5 favourite features of the digital heater.

The digital technology is an inexpensive technology. It has been widely used, stable and established in the international market for many years. Digital heaters are a perfect fit for the typical Singaporean family size of 3 to 5 members and are quickly growing in popularity for their high efficiency and convenience.

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