9 Best Water Heaters From AOS Bath, Singapore

9 Best Water Heaters From AOS Bath, Singapore

Do you enjoy taking a warm bath or a hot relaxing shower after a long and productive day? Are you looking to invest in a long-lasting water heater for your home so that you can enjoy your warm water every day? 

With so many types of water heaters in the market using different technologies and having different features and sizes, you’re probably at a loss trying to find one that will fit your needs and your home.

We’re here to help. These are the top 9 best water heaters from AOS Bath Singapore, ranked in order of popularity. Each of them solves a specific problems for Singaporeans. 

1. Gen 6 Digital Water Heater

The Gen 6 Digital Water Heater is the first and best digital water heater in Singapore. This heater is equipped with technology to perform like an instant heater. At the touch of a button, this water heater is able to heat up a cold tank in 2 minutes compared to a regular electric heater, which will take 20 minutes.

Unlike electric heaters that only have a standard heating mode, this digital water heater lets you toggle between three different modes for optimal hot water delivery. If you only need hot water for a single shower, you can program it as such to save energy. 

A regular electric heater can only give you 2 quick showers at a time, but in the event you need hot water for more, digital heaters are the best at giving you more hot water. This Gen 6 can deliver up to 4 back-to-back showers.

This water heater also features a built-in timer so that you can program it to preheat water for you at a specified time. You no longer have to endure a cold shower in the morning or wake up early to wait for hot water.

Gen 6 Digital Water Heater.



Best for:

  • Families size of 2 to 4 members
  • Homes with occasional guests

2. Gen 8 Digital Water Heater (Mini)

The Mini (Gen 8) is one of the best selling water heaters in Singapore. Despite its small size, this water heater has the best hot water recovery rate in the digital range. You can be sure to get hot water instantly.

Simply turn on your bath or shower and the sensor at the hot water outlet will detect your hot water requirements the minute your faucet goes on. All you have to do is wait 10 seconds for 10 minutes of hot water, making this water heater the best choice for those who enjoy a long, hot shower after a day of work! 

The Gen 8 heater also comes with a control panel that shows the real-time quantity of hot water in the tank. It also has an Intelligence Maintenance Monitor (IMM) that actively measures the level of corrosive ions in the water, prompting you if maintenance is due to keep your tank water clean and free from sediments. It is best to maintain your water heater every 3 years to keep it disinfected.



Best for:

  • High usage families of 4 to 6 members
  • Homes equipped with rain showers or a small tub.

3. Gen 1 Electric Water Heater 

The Gen 1 Electric Water Heater has an inner tank lined with a patented formula of Blue Diamond glass by A. O. Smith, making it one of the best and most durable tanks worldwide with a lifespan of well over 10 years. The heating element in the heater is also coated with Blue Diamond glass and compared to their steel counterparts in regular electric heaters, these fittings have a 65% higher corrosion resistance. 

Produced by the only water heater factory in the world that is 95% mechanised, A. O. Smith generates world-renowned consistent performance over years without downtime, trips or repairs.

One of the best water heaters for false ceiling installations due to their long lifespan, this heater comes in a variety of sizes ranging from 30-litres for single showers to 100-litres for bathtubs and multiple users. 

The best size for HDB or apartments with 2 baths in Singapore is the 40-litre heater tank.

high resistance robotic weld 21kg 850C blue diamond



Best for:

  • False ceiling installations with limited space

4. Micro Heat Pump Water Heater 

For HDB or condo bathrooms with tight installation spaces but high usage, the Micro Heat Pump Water Heater is the best choice for you. 

This system uses cutting edge technology to convert ambient warm air into energy that heats up your water. The use of renewable energy will save you over 75% or $650 in hot water heating electricity consumption each year.

The heat pump’s integrated design allows it to be concealed easily. Its touch screen panel can be run to a convenient location within the house and users can access energy-saving features with temperature and operating mode controls. The heat pump range is heavily insulated to reduce standby heat loss, and comes with a built-in timer that facilities smart, full automation for maximum convenience.



5. Integrated Heat Pump Water Heater

The A. O. Smith Integrated Heat Pump Water Heater is a revolutionary green technology. This system works by absorbing free ambient warm air, converting it into useful hot water. This method of heating water will save you over 80% or over $900 every year. 

This heat pump can provide for up to 5 bathrooms with bathtubs and rain showers and is the best choice for landed properties.

Instead of having individual tanks placed in each bathroom’s false ceiling, all heaters can be unified into a single system. This greatly reduces your overall power load and eliminates messy false ceiling maintenance work in each bathroom. 

Read more about the benefits of having one central system versus many individual heaters here

Due to its weatherproof construct, this heat pump is best installed outdoors on the roof or next to the aircon compressors. All heat generated in the area around it will boost the heat pump’s efficiency.



Best for:

  • Landed properties with up to 5 baths and rain showers

6. Light Commercial Heat Pump Heater

The Light Commercial Heat Pump Heater operates with the best efficiency in its category. This system is good for up to 10 bathrooms. It is also suitable for businesses interested in exploring energy-efficient green solutions.

The Light Commercial Heat Pump water heater comes with patented microchannel coils that maximise heat transfer and ensure high fidelity performance even after many years of use. Most other heat pumps experience a significant efficiency drop after just 3 years of performance as non-patented heat transfer coils can easily go out of shape.

The system features built-in timers, high-density insulation and a self-regulating automated system that users can leave to run on its own. The heat pump is equipped with a back up heating system that can easily be activated from the control panel.

Did I mention? They’re a lot more efficient than solar heaters! Unlike solar, this heat pump does not require costly panel cleaning or maintenance every 6 months. We recommended checks only every 3 years for the system to continue running at high efficiency



Best for:

  • Landed properties up to 10 bathrooms or commercial use

7. Tall Electric Water Heater (Gen 1)

The A. O. Smith Tall Electric Water Heater is a floor standing version of Generation 1 heater. It offers the best, cost effective centralised heating solution. Equipped with A. O. Smith’s patented Blue Diamond full lining for lasting durability, the heater boasts 65% higher corrosion resistance.

Expect over 10 years of high fidelity service with no downtime, trips or repairs.



Best for:

  • Landed homes with 3 baths, renovations on budget

8. Mega Digital Water Heater (Gen 6)

The Mega Digital Water Heater uses advanced MAX technology to generate twice as much hot water as a regular electric water heater. Its high density insulation reduces heat loss significantly, minimising unnecessary electric usage.

This digital heater can provide for up to 5 bathrooms with bathtubs and rain showers while reducing your power loading. Say goodbye to complicated above ceiling maintenance with this convenient all in one solution. 

The Mega is a powerful solution that will deliver over 10 years of high fidelity service with no downtime. 



Best for:

  • Landed homes with up to 5 bathrooms

9. Roof Solar Water Heater

What sets A. O. Smith Roof Solar Heaters apart from other solar heaters are their patented tube solar collectors that can absorb a spectrum of sunlight from greater angles than a flat surface solar collector. 

Evacuated tubes are a functional design where single tubes can be easily exchanged if there is partial damage, compared to flat panels which have to be fully replaced.

On a sunny day with no cloud cover, solar heaters work the best. They can produce hot water for up to 5 bathrooms with zero electricity cost. On cloudy or rainy days, easily activate backup elements from the touch screen panel conveniently located in your home to ensure no down time.



Best for:

  • Landed properties of up to 5 bathrooms with south facing pitched roof

10. Bonus: What About Other Water Heaters? 

So far all the heaters here are from our AOS Bath range. Your next question must be.. what about other heater types? Surely there are other brands and types of heaters. There are gas heaters, electric instant heaters, or multi point heaters, just to name a few. 

To empower you with the knowledge needed to make a well-informed decision, we’ve created a comprehensive water heater comparison guide that includes these heaters. 

Go to our Ultimate Water Heater Comparison Guide, Instant vs Storage Heaters to learn how you can evaluate all kinds of heaters effectively. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to finding the right water heater. As a general rule of thumb, we recommend taking these factors into account when you are choosing between instant water heaters and storage water heaters.

  • Water Pressure
  • Consistent Hot Water
  • Rain Shower Compatibility
  • Maintenance
  • Cost
  • Energy Saving
  • Space Requirements

For a clearer comparison, check out this article.

Yes, it definitely will. This is mainly attributed to the type of water heating system (or how the heater heats up water).

In general, electric instant heaters, gas heaters and multipoint heaters will reduce the water pressure, while electric storage heaters, solar heaters and heat pump heaters will not. Read these 4 Facts About Hot Water Pressure in Singapore for more information.

Yes, we do provide water heater installation. Slide us a DM for more information.

WhatsApp us here.

Yes, AOS Bath provides our water heaters with a local warranty. Details:  

  • 3-year full warranty, which includes parts and labour; zero out of pocket costs. 
  • 5-year tank warranty for protection against leaks

For more information, visit our warranty page.

A. O. Smith heaters purchased from third parties do not come with the 3 year local warranty. 

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