The only storage heater that is also an instant heater

A. O. Smith has taken the water heating game to a whole new level and invented the fastest heating storage water heater in Singapore.

The Mini water heater

The latest technology brought in from A. O. Smith, is the Mini. Shown above, the Mini is an eighth generation digital system designed to heat water instantaneously. Basic electric heaters are our first generation systems.

How different is Mini from an instant heater?

While instant water heaters in Singapore produce hot water at the lower flow rate of 3 lit/min, the Mini operates at the same high water pressure as an electric storage heater, 8 lit/min.

Instant-heat tank technology

The internal tank of the Mini is designed differently from that of a regular heater. Its in-built sensors detect pockets of newly heated water and the tank is designed to ‘push’ this hot water to the user quickly. Regular electric heaters in contrast, rely on the slow process of convection where hot water gradually ‘rises’ to the user.

What are the practical applications?

Families that travel often

You usually arrive home in desperate need of a shower but a full tank of cold water translates to a twenty minute anticipatory wait. If you have a large family and one heater shared between two bathrooms, expect to wait twice as long because the lucky first batch of users will have cleaned out the entire hot water tank.

With Mini’s instant capabilities and zero wait time, hot showers are available for whole family the minute you step in your front door and power up your heater.

Serviced apartments

Tired travelers slip in their keycards in the power slot and go straight for a shower or bath to find there is no hot water! Well of course, you only powered the entire apartment mere seconds ago.

Serviced apartments and hotels require heaters which can provide a five-star bath experience in the shortest amount of time. Otherwise, they run up huge energy expenses leaving water heaters running indefinitely in a vacant room. Here’s where Mini shines.

In conclusion..

Water heating technologies have progressed quite a bit in the recent year. They save your precious time, provide comfort for your family and give you more opportunities to do the things that are meaningful to you. Use these technologies to your advantage today.

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