One Wrong Dangerous Installation Mistake

OUTRAGEOUS! This heater is installed the wrong way. It's an accident waiting to happen.

An interior design firm we work closely with showed us an example of a wrong heater installation. Their client had recently purchased a new water heater. But the piping looked very questionable. They requested our expertise to determine if they had done it incorrectly. We were deeply shocked by what we saw here.

Let me explain. Do you see the green arrow in the picture? Those are the heater’s water pipes and they should run from the bottom, not the top. Wrong piping like this will block the heater’s safety features.

In this installation, the thermostat won’t work. And the thermostat is one of the main safety features of the heater.

We immediately called the interior designer up to alert them that something was wrong. That heater was a huge safety risk for users. 

Quickly do a visual check on your heater. This is the right way to fix it!

Major caution!! Always install your heater the right side up. The wrong installation direction can cause irreparable damage to your heater on the inside. That is why the wrong installation will instantly void your water heater warranty.  

Most A. O. Smith water heaters in Singapore come with wall mounting brackets, that are already welded to the tank. Make sure these wall brackets get fixed to the wall.

When in doubt, read the instruction manual in the box carefully. 

Make sure your wall brackets are fixed correctly. If installed the wrong way, risk of injury is HIGH.

The right side image is a side view diagram of a wall mounted heater tank. 

Two holes are drilled securely into the wall and the mounting brackets (top arrow) are inserted into the wall. 

The mounting plate of the water heater (bottom arrow) is then securely lodged against the brackets. This ensures your heater is positioned safely and correctly.

Wrong installations may cause a heater to dislodge from the wall. 

These are the mounting brackets used in wall mounted heater installation.

Our AOS supplied wall mounted brackets can support 3 times the weight of the water heater!

Moving on to special ceiling mounted brackets, also known as Omega Brackets

This here is a diagram showing how a ceiling mounted heater should look like. 

Notice the heater is supported on secure mounting rods (top arrow) and special ceiling omega brackets (bottom arrow).

The supporting rods are fully inserted into the ceiling and secured onto a pair of semi-circle brackets, which hold the heater tank.

These semi-circle brackets are used when the wall is not suitable for mounting. For instance, walls that cannot be drilled due to water pipes running through them.

This is what ceiling mounted omega brackets and mounting rods look like. 

The way a heater works is simple. When installed right, you get your hot water this way:

The diagram below shows the front and side views of a water heater tank. 

1. Cold water flows in from the inlet. 

2. A heating element heats the water

3. The hottest water rises to the top as it is less dense than cool water. 

4. Hot water is then drawn out from the outlet (high tube). 

But if you get a WRONG Installation? Expect a 50% cut down on your hot water supply.

When you fix your heater wrongly, the outlets and inlets which are straight horizontal tubes get tilted at a 90-degree angle. 

Water is still drawn out from the outlet as usual but you LOSE 50% of the hottest water. In fact, the hottest water is now all stuck at the top of the tank. What a waste! So don’t let this happen.

Which do you think comes first? Safety or Savings?

I can’t empahsize enough the dangers of a wrong installation. Unfortunately, it happens often. Especially when people are trying to save money and cut corners.

At AOS, we do our installations right. If we are working from heights, every water heater specialist puts on all the necessary safety equipment. If a bigger team is required, we will not hesitate to reschedule an appointment. 

In the rare case we cannot do a job because it is too risky, we will stop work and offer you a full refund. A human life is more important than money. We always choose safety first!

Using an inexperienced installer puts your family at DIRE risk

Receiving this other installation picture here, was another shocking experience. Can you tell what’s wrong?

(Hint: same problem as the first installation image)

Wrong installations are a stark reminder that despite all the safeguards in safe Singapore today, there are still installers that can make fatal mistakes. 

As homeowners, we must be careful.

Choosing the right installer is still something an end-user must be wary about.

An inexperienced water heater installer can turn your water heater (and life) upside down. I was glad someone reached out to us in time. They averted a tragic accident.

A shoddy installation job can cost you valuable lost hours and tons of money. This is a headache your family can definitely do without! If you are in a similar situation, or left at lurch after a bad installation, you can always reach out to us for help. 

If you are unsure, here is a handy and easy installation checklist that you can use to do a visual inspection of the heater after it is installed. 

Always invest in quality! Here is an example of what a professional installer can do for you.

Lim & Abdullah, the AOS storage water heater installers, deserve high praise for their outstanding service. From the outset, their patience, friendliness, and professionalism were evident, making the installation process a breeze.

What truly sets them apart is their willingness to go the extra mile to find solutions and alternatives. Despite encountering initial obstacles with a partition wall that seemed impossible to mount the water heater on, they persevered and managed to successfully install it. This demonstrates their dedication and resourcefulness in overcoming challenges.

Overall, I highly recommend Lim & Abdullah for anyone in need of AOS storage water heater installation. Their exceptional service and commitment to customer satisfaction make them a top choice in the industry.
Afzal H. M. N.
Google Review

Don't take those dreaded shortcuts. With a water heater, it's not worth making a single wrong decision.

Water heaters are high power, heavy-weight electronics and they should be treated with care and be handled only by experienced experts.

A wrong installation can have catastrophic effects. In fact, the major water heater incidents are not due to product defects. Instead, accidents are caused by wrong installation! 

Terrible incidents caused by wrong installation:

If you’re ever in doubt about the water heater you just got,  call in a water heater expert for help immediately. 

We've got Great Feedback from our Thousands of Trustworthy and Reliable Installations.

Salesperson at the showroom was very friendly and knowledgeable. Advised me on which heater model  was best suited for my home. My storage heater was installed by Kalam and Shamemul. Gave me a call before they arrived at the arranged time.  Took about 1 hour from reaching my place to packing up.

Workmanship was impeccable. Their tools were neatly packed and laid out during installation which speaks a lot to their professionalism. 

My Gen 6 Storage Heater was as advertised, within 5 minutes of switching it on hot water is already running in my shower. A 5/5 experience. 
JC Teow
Google Review
Great service and fast response!

My old electric heater broken down right before Chinese New Year and i needed urgent replacement.

AOS answered my enquiry really quickly and provided advice on which model was most suitable for me. An installation was even done within the week despite wide spread lack of manpower. Stable hot water and my water pressure is stronger now. I also recommended to my relative who installed it as well.
HM Tan
Google Review

When it comes to safety... You should never settle for anything less.

As a homeowner, you should always work with people who place the safety of your family as the highest priority. 

It’s Easy, Just Remember:

1) Your family will be at great risk if the wrong kind of equipment is used to install a water heater.   

2) Needless costs and delays, happen when you make the wrong choice with regards to heater installers. 

3) To be safe, choose a company that has a long proven record of successful heater installations and servicing!

Wrong Installation FAQ

Is it wrong to install water heaters in a vertical position?

Some heater models are designed to be installed only vertically. So, you should install others horizontally. Our advice is to ask us or your heater manual. We will help you find the right way to install it.

Yes. But, do make sure to use proper ceiling Omega Brackets and rods. Using wall mounted brackets on a ceiling installation is wrong. It will cause your heater’s safety devices to malfunction. The wrong installation will damage the inner workings of the heater and void its warranty. 

The drainage tube of your water heater must never be blocked and always be facing downwards. Installing it wrongly will cause your pressure relief valve to malfunction. This is one of the 3 safety devices of your heater!

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