What’s the best storage heater temperature?

Choosing the optimal storage water heater temperature is crucial for efficiency and safety. 50°C strikes a comfortable balance for energy saving in Singapore. If you have a digital storage heater which allows you to program your thermostat, consider adjusting the tank temperature to 50°C. This temperature provides tangible benefits without sacrificing performance.

1. 50°C gives more energy savings

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, setting your storage water heater lower offers substantial energy savings.

In Singapore, water heaters contribute to about 20% of a household’s energy consumption. Lowering the water temperature to 50 degrees can save energy costs of up to 10%. It minimises heat loss from the water heater to its surroundings.

Tip: Getting a heater with great tank insulation is another great way of saving energy. The insulation acts as a barrier, retaining heat in the tank for longer. This ensures water remains hot with minimal heating required. As a result, electricity costs are lowered.

2. 50°C prevents legionella bacterial growth

Legionella, a lung disease-causing bacteria, can spread through inhaling contaminated water droplets. While rare in Singapore, it could still infiltrate public building water systems.

Prevent contamination by maintaining your water heater at 50 d

3. 50 degrees is ideal for Singapore

In Singapore, setting your water heater to 50°C is ideal due to the country’s warm climate where incoming cold water temperature averages 25-31°C.

The 70°C factory setting is catered to cooler climates such as Europe, America or Australia where the cold water temperature can go down to 10°C and below. In those climates, a high tank temperature of at least 70ºC is a requirement to get a hot 38°C bath.

In Singapore, setting a 40-litre heater at 50°C is enough to ensure refreshing showers for a family of 2-4.

4. Setting at 50°C can prevent scalding

Setting your storage heater to 50°C offers protection against scalding for children. Children can accidentally turn the mixer to its highest temperature setting! At 50°C, a mixer accidentally turned fully to hot will not scald as quickly. This will reduce the likelihood of accidents.

Tip: Use a thermostatic mixer to reduce scalding risks. These mixers ensure a controlled temperature output of 38ºC.


Setting your storage heater to 50°C is smart for energy savings, safety, and consistent hot water. This temperature setting allows you to use bacteria-free hot water. It also reduces energy costs and your carbon footprint.


How do I know if my tank has better insulation?

This is hard to tell just by looking. Tanks with denser insulation tend to weigh more than another tank of the same capacity. Another telltale sign is by reading reviews – does the hot water keep well overnight? If yes, you’ve got a heater with good insulation.

50°C will not be enough during colder weeks when the temperature drops to 21ºC. In that case, you can temporarily adjust your heater up to 65ºC.

Reducing your heater’s thermostat from 70ºC to 50°C slows down heat loss to the environment. Also, you heat to a lower temperature, which saves energy.

Yes. 50°C can lead to a longer lifespan compared to 70°C. The lower temperature allows the tank to undergo less thermal expansion and contraction. This puts less stress on the tank’s structure.

AOS Bath Team

AOS Bath Team