Blue Diamond Heating Element

Patent ZL200510037670.1

Heating elements start to scale over time, reducing efficiency

Heating elements used in water heaters are made of steel, so they will corrode and scale over time. Scales are the white particles which form on the surface of a steel heating element, reducing its efficiency.

Used steel elements which have scaled
Experiment where scale deposits of steel elements vs. Blue Diamond elements are weighed in grams
Blue Diamond glass lined elements are coated with a protective layer which greatly reduces scales. 

Blue Diamond elements maintain higher heating efficiency

Coating a Blue Diamond heating element is much more difficult than coating a Blue Diamond tank as the surface area of an element is more complex.

Over the years, A. O. Smith has mastered this skill. Now, Blue Diamond elements can effectively reduce scaling by 50%, maintaining high heating efficiency

Unused regular steel elements
A. O. Smith produces all elements in-house for higher quality control

The process of Blue Diamond coating is highly guarded

When glass-coating heating elements, one requires not only the perfect formula of glass, but the process of coating the element is also patented.

It is no surprise that A. O. Smith goes to a great extent to keep this part of their production line confidential.