Blue Diamond Heating Element

Patent ZL200510037670.1

Regular vs. Blue Diamond Elements

Regular heating elements are made of steel. Blue Diamond elements have an extra coating of anti-scale Blue Diamond glass.

Scales are white particles that form on the surface of a metal. They add an extra layer, preventing elements from heating water well.

Used steel elements which have scaled
Experiment where scale deposits of steel elements vs. Blue Diamond elements are weighed in grams
Blue Diamond glass lined elements are coated with a protective layer which greatly reduces scales.

After 10 years, your water heater can maintain the same high temperatures as on the first day.

Many homeowners report their water heaters produce cooler water over time. This is because heating elements get scaled and compromised after years of use.
Blue Diamond elements are anti-scale. They maintain higher heating efficiency than regular elements. Even after 10 years of use, you can expect your water to be hot.
Unused regular steel elements
A. O. Smith produces all elements in-house for higher quality control

The patented process of Blue Diamond coating

The Blue Diamond element is an exclusive signature of A. O. Smith heaters. The glass-coating of heating elements is a complex process. Few water heater companies have been able to do it.