Get a Heat Pump for Just $250+/month

OMG. The Most Energy Saving Heater in Singapore Just Got SUPER Affordable?!

Normal: $3000+ UPFront

Credit Card Promo: Only $250+/month

Wait.. what’s a heat pump anyway?

  • The Heat Pump is a special water heater.
  • It works by absorbing free heat from air and transforming this heat into hot water.

Have you heard of solar heaters?

  • They’re similar to heat pumps.
  • Solar heaters draw free energy from the sun, while heat pumps draw free energy from heat in the air.
  • Solar heaters don’t work all the time, but in Singapore, heat pumps work all year round.
  • That’s why heat pumps are more energy efficient than solar heaters. 

Whats the catch?

  • Renewable energy technology does not come cheap
  • A heat pump costs about the same as an aircon
  • They are priced between $3000 to $10000

But we’ve just made renewable energy affordable!

  • At AOS Bath, you can now get a Micro Heat Pump for just $250+/month.
  • With an OCBC credit card, break down your payments into 12 easy months.
  • Best of all, heat pumps can be installed in HDB, BTO and Condos.

Huh? You mean my HDB can get better savings than a landed house solar heater?

  • Yes, that’s right!
  • Many have always dreamed of having a solar heater, but it is out of reach.
  • The smallest solar heaters are huge and you need a roof.
  • Thanks to technology, heat pumps have been micro-sized and can fit in HDB.
  • You can save even more energy than solar – up to $660/year!

When do I start making money?

  • After the first year.. the heat pump is all yours to keep. What’s next?
  • With a family of 4, you’ll breakeven on year 5.
  • Then the heat pump keeps making money and you keep cashing in!
  • It’s like having free hot water after that.

See for Yourself what Actual Users are Saying About Heat Pumps!

I got an AOS 80L micro heat pump recently to replace my electric heater.

My electricity bill has been reduced by a lot and also have never run out of hot water since the installation due to the large tank.

Not to mention my toilet is much cooler due to the cold air emitted from the heater when heating the water.

Highly recommended!

Shaun Lee
Google Review

We purchased a heat pump water heater from AOS Bath and have had a positive experience.

They were quite helpful in answering presale questions and explaining the system operation.

The installation was on time and professionally done, and in efficiency mode (the best choice for our needs).

There's a big improvement (reduction) in our monthly electric bills compared to a conventional electric water heater.

Timothy Sipples
Google Review

I am a return customer of AOSBath.

The most recent purchase was for the heat pump water heater, which promises to be energy efficient. One thing is for sure: I enjoy the cool air exhaust a lot and I find myself sitting/standing near the heater when it is in operation a lot.

1st purchase was for a digital water heater and it worked reliably over 6 years. I have also recommended my sisters to get the same heater and they are happy users as well!

Chee Hao Lim
Google Review

More savings for you, as electric costs rise

  • We live in a world of climate change and increasing electricity tariffs.
  • It pays to be keenly aware of opportunities to go green and save.

Be a part of the Singapore Green Plan 2030

  • AOS bath launched the heat pump lease campaign in response to the Singapore Green Plan 2030.
  • Let’s each do our part to make conscious decisions for the love of our future. 💚

Terms of Promotion

  • Payment must be made at credit card terminal at the showroom.
  • Payment to be made with physical OCBC card to get the instalment (not by watch or phone)
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