Get a heat pump for just $248/month

Heat Pumps: The most energy saving water heater in Singapore

Normal: $2650

Credit Card Promo: Only $248/month

Wait.. what’s a heat pump anyway?

  • The Heat Pump is a special water heater.
  • It works by absorbing free heat from air and transforming this heat into hot water.

Have you heard of solar heaters?

  • They’re similar to heat pumps.
  • Solar heaters draw free energy from the sun, while heat pumps draw free energy from heat in the air.
  • Solar heaters don’t work all the time, but in Singapore, heat pumps work all year round.
  • That’s why heat pumps are more energy efficient than solar heaters.

Whats the catch?

  • Renewable energy technology does not come cheap.
  • A heat pump costs about the same as an aircon.
  • They are priced between $2,900 to $10,000.

But we’ve just made renewable energy affordable!

  • At AOS Bath, you can now get a Micro Heat Pump for just $248/month.
  • With an OCBC credit card, break down your payments into 12 easy months.
  • Best of all, heat pumps can be installed in HDB, BTO and Condos.

Huh? You mean my HDB can get better savings than a landed house solar heater?

  • Yes, that’s right!
  • Many have always dreamed of having a solar heater, but it is out of reach.
  • The smallest solar heaters are huge and you need a roof.
  • Thanks to technology, heat pumps have been micro-sized and can fit in HDB.
  • You can save even more energy than solar – up to $660/year!

When do I start making money?

  • After the first year.. the heat pump is all yours to keep. What’s next?
  • With a family of 4, you’ll breakeven on year 3.
  • Then the heat pump keeps making money and you keep cashing in!
  • It’s like having free hot water after that.

More savings for you, as electric costs rise

  • We live in a world of climate change and increasing electricity tariffs.
  • It pays to be keenly aware of opportunities to go green and save.

Be a part of the Singapore Green Plan 2030

  • AOS bath launched the heat pump lease campaign in response to the Singapore Green Plan 2030.
  • Let’s each do our part to make conscious decisions for the love of our future. 💚

Terms of Promotion

  • Payment must be made at credit card terminal at the showroom.
  • Payment to be made with physical OCBC card to get the instalment (not by watch or phone)


Amanda is an education specialist at AOS Bath. She enjoys building a trusted network by sharing knowledge. Making difficult concepts simple and engaging is rewarding, on both ends.