Blue Diamond Tank

Patent US6303183

The quest to build the toughest tanks in the world..

In the past, most water heaters were made from high carbon steel, not to be confused with stainless steel, which is softer. High carbon steel is one of the toughest, hardest materials around.

A. O. Smith builds the strongest steel tanks, America's largest steel worker. c. 1927

The problem with steel tanks

Steel tanks are the strongest tanks in the world. However, steel rusts easily. Especially when it comes into contact with the corrosive effects of hot water. Tank rust ruins laundry, produces dirt and discolours water. 

A. O. Smith Blue Diamond glass lined tank

What is so special about Blue Diamond glass?

Blue Diamond glass is a revolutionary formula of glass which fuses itself to the inner heater tank completely, expanding and contracting without cracking or shattering as water cools and heats.

Blue Diamond glass lined water heaters means cleaner, purer hot water because glass cannot rust.

1920 newspaper article on Glass Lining, USA
Mrs. Price and the water heater which lasted 52 years

The 52 year ‘Blue Diamond’ water heater miracle

In 1998, A. O. Smith received a letter from Mrs. Price of Virginia, who was amazed that the water heater her father installed half a century ago was still running. The decommissioned water heater is now placed in the A. O. Smith museum, a testament to the high durability of the Blue Diamond tank.